Quick Terrace Enlargement (8 Hours & 16 Pallets Later)

By zouloukata

Here is what I did in 6 hours (+2h with the painting). I used 16 pallets for all extension. Part of it stands on the concrete terrace I had, the […]


Outside Pallet Deck

By benepp

An easy way to finish deck with pallets, remember to remove the bottom 2×4.


Decking Extension

By Neokentin

I used two plasterboard pallets as the frame and lined with recycled parking.


Skateboard Chair

By Neokentin

Built with pallets and broken skateboard decks.

How I Made a Pallet Deck

By VicksNiche

Pictures and guides to walk you through the building of my 1st pallet deck

Firefighter/ Rescue Themed BBQ Bar

By espo007

Firefighter Rescue themed BBQ Bar, perfect for the mancave, patio, garage or deck.


Pallet Terrace Deck

By Benjamin Jakutevent

In a small village in the north, setting up a terrace extension from discarded pallets to make the best place to receive the sun.


Pallet Deck With Accessible Ramp

By Phil Waters

A 6m x 6m pallet deck with accessible ramp for a yurt classroom. The whole thing built on a bed of coach tires.


Pallet Porch

By Neokentin

Used pallets. Pulled top boards apart put them closer together. Used screws in case of having to replace old boards later on. Used bolts to connect the pallets. Hard work […]


Pallet Deck & Seating Area

By Neokentin

Pallet decking & seating area. I asked a friend who worked in a factory to get pallets they normally throw away. I asked local scaffolders for any boards not up […]


Reclaimed Beach House Project

By Thyme and Tide

We were lucky enough to be given a summer house meant for a skip. The roof was rotten and needed to be replaced as was some of the timber on […]


Pallet Garden Deck

By Backdraft6970

My fiance and I got bored one weekend and here is the outcome. We still have to put the roof on it and screen in between roof and wall. I […]

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