Painted Branch-handle Pallet Tote Crate With Decoupage Accents

By kelly

“Hands Across the Sea” Souvenir Tote Made from Pallet Boards, Branch, Printable and Tiny Sea Shells…. It’s not as Difficult as it Looks!

Storage Table Made from a Veg Crate & One Pallet

By Gerry Mckenna

I Just finished another project to turn an old vegetable crate, some hinges from unwanted kitchen cupboards and a wooden pallet into a table with storage. Table top has been […]

Coffee Table Out Of Repurposed Crates

By Korovesis Dimitrios

I made this coffee table for a friend because I wanted to do it! It took me 3 days to complete it. The hardest part was to paint it!


Miniature Pallet Trivet

By Neokentin

Miniature trivet in a form of a pallet handcrafted in the woods of an apple box. You can win one mini pallet trivet with our contest: Subscribe & Win a Pallet Coasters […]


Scrap Pallet Wood Coca-cola Crate

By espo007

I made this fun table centerpiece that holds soda bottles or that can be used to hold fresh flowers.


New Old Crates From Pallet Wood

By howie70

My wife found some old crates and said she would like some more. I decided to make a couple of pallet wood. Used pocket hole joints to fasten everything. Stained […]


Unique Pallet Coffee Table

By Chris Woodman

Made with old pallets from stockyard.

Pallet Rustic Crate

By Neokentin

I was struck by the simple beauty of some boxes/crates that I saw on this site and decided to make my own rustic version. It is very basic and purposely […]


Crate Table Made Out Of Reclaimed Pallet Wood

By Neokentin

I had a lot of pallet wood and no crates. I didn’t want to pay $40 for 4 crates at the local craft store so I made them myself. This […]


Diy: Recycled Pallet Bedside Table

By bea4273

Bedside table made of recycled pallet wood and decorated inside with upcycled wallpaper. Chevet fabriqué en bois de palette recyclé et décoré à l’intérieur avec du papier peint. Complete tutorial […]


Pallet Crates Decoration

By Neokentin

Even if wood crates are often used to store apples, you can build some wood crates from recycled pallet wood and paint them. Then, you can use them as shelves […]

Biblio-tetris, Bookshelf Out of Repurposed Crates & Pallet Planks

By Neokentin

Library/bookshelf made from wooden crates and upcycled wood.

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