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Cat Pallet Projects: Here Are 10 Amazing Ideas For Them!

By HeatherStiletto

“Way down deep, we’re all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them.” — Jim Davis (cartoonist, Garfield). Others say that we don’t own cats; they own us. […]

Pallet Cat Barn Keeps Kitty Purrfectly Warm!

Pallet Cat Barn Keeps Kitty Purrfectly Warm!

By vincentsavastano

My oldest son wanted me to build him a playhouse, and it turned into his kitty house it got that name cause all the cats in the neighborhood would go in it even the stray cats, so we started putting food & water in the kitty barn and the cats would buy for a while and my son absolutely loved that.


Pallet Cat Scratching Tree / Arbre à Chat

By Neokentin

Using just one single pallet, a large chipboard, an old plead and an old cushion, this pallet cat scratching tree has been possible to build. En utilisant simplement une palette, […]

Cabane à Chats / Pallet Cats House

By Neokentin

Petite cabane hivernale pour nos chats , réalisé avec 3 palettes et ardoises de récupération.

Cat Tree Tunnel Addition

By HeatherStiletto

I’ve previously posted up photos of a cat tree I built entirely of recycled wood from my yard, and our cats loved it so much that we decided to add […]


Pet Beds & Feeders

By Kristy Bishop

I made these all from recycled pallets and crates. Some of the beds I make are also toy box beds.

Diy: Pallet Cat Tree Provides Kitties Some Fun!

By HeatherStiletto

Here’s my DIY: Pallet Cat Tree. I needed a 103″ cat tree, and buying that size becomes way too expensive for my micro-sized budget. However, I did have some old […]


Porte Gamelles Chat / Pallet Cat Bowls

By Neokentin

Made from pieces of wood cut in old pallet frames, pictures speak by themselves … and stainless steel for the foot (Recycled too). Morceaux de bois coupés dans de vieilles […]

Little Cat House / Petite Maison Pour Chat

By Neokentin

Nice and warm, this cat house is made with reclaimed pallet wood, carpet flooring and insulation on the walls. Bien au chaud contre le froid et le vent, avec du […]

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