Pallet Playhouse Cabin

By Neokentin

I made this play cabin for my children out of 60 pallets. That’s a lot of dismantling! This Pallet Playhouse Cabin is about 3 m tall (almost 10′), 2 meters 20 cm wide […]


Amazing Pallet Summer Cottage

By roddas

I’ve got a workshop/garage in which I play around with pallets producing Art, Shelves, Wine Racks and all sorts of practical items from pallets. I’d built a bench for my wife to pot her seedlings at the end of the garage, but her space was getting ever bigger, much to my annoyance, so something had to be done. I decide to build her her own Pallet, Potting/Summer House in the corner of the garden where she could have her own space and I would get my garage back. Here’s the result.


Pallet Shack/Cabin

By PeteK2R

This is my shack mainly constructed from second hand pallets and other donated materials !

Amazing Pallet Cabin in The Woods

By Neokentin

At 1001Pallets, we love cabins and playhouses, and we already featured a lot of incredible wooden houses, outhouses, summerhouses or kids playhouses made by our Crafters. Today, we discovered the work […]

How I Made My Shed from 140 Pallets

By LevelHeath

I wanted to build a bar using a large shed but then had the idea of using pallets and other recycled materials.

My Kids House in Pallet Wood

By azaner

A playhouse for my children made with pallet wood and several piece of shuttering planks.


Small Shed from Used Pallets & Cheap Wood

By Neokentin

before building a house on a new property I bought, I decided to build a small cabin for storing tools, supplies,…


Cabane De Jardin Pour Enfants / Children Play House & Its Making of

By Joe

Joe described his creation below with a kind of “poem“. We won’t play translating it as we’d remove the sense :). By the way, the hut he made for the […]

Pallet Woodhouse

By Neokentin

Woodhouse for kids made with about 15 pallets!

Kids Hut by Nico / Cabane by Nico

By Neokentin

I wanted to make a cabin for the 2 years of my daughter. It’s not made from pallet wood but from old wood & batten. J’ai voulu faire une cabane pour […]


Gazebo En Palette / Pallet Garden Gazebo

By Neokentin

Garden Gazebo made from recycled wooden pallets. Gazebo fabriqué avec des palettes de bois.


Reclaimed Beach House Project

By Thyme and Tide

We were lucky enough to be given a summer house meant for a skip. The roof was rotten and needed to be replaced as was some of the timber on […]

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