Pallet Bookcases & Bookshelves

If you need more storage, you’ll find lots of inspiration to add pallet bookcases & pallet bookshelves to your home. Fancy a bookshelf made from pallets? Our best ideas!

You’ll find hundreds of practical and stylish options to add extra storage to your living spaces. Almost every area of your home can have a shelf or a bookcase added. Just make it to the size you need! In addition to creating more storage, you’ll save money! We have everything you need to learn how to select, breakdown, and use pallets for many wonderful ideas by our talented crafters.

Almost all of the ideas presented are made entirely of pallet wood. Some have mixed woods, but many recycle or upcycle products to create unique and inspiring furniture! Take a look around and see our tutorials, design inspiration ideas, safety tips, and many other pallet resources to help you make the creation of your dreams!

Pallet bookcase 1

Pallet Bookcase

By Neokentin

My version of a pallet bookcase! Unique and economic!


Pallet Bookshelf

By Neokentin

Bookshelf made with just a few changes to the pallet.


Wooden Pallet Shelf / Bibliothèque Etagère En Bois De Palette

By Neokentin

This shelf is made with repurposed pallet wood; it is 1.80 m high, 19 cm deep and 69.5 cm wide. I painted it with green “home” paints. Cette étagère est […]


Dutch Pallet Design #2

By Neokentin

Some freestyle pallet projects!


Pallets Bookshelf & Table

By Neokentin

Break it down build it up! Bookshelves and table made from upcycled pallets!


The Rogue Bookcase Out Of Pallet Wood

By Neokentin

We needed a new bookcase, and I was feeling creative. I had been thinking about it for a while and then I stumbled across a load of industrial pallets used […]


Pallet Furniture For A Books Exhibition

By Neokentin

Getting people closer to books. A place for meeting, for favoring links between young and older people. A place where people could stroll and sit comfortably. A fun place, but […]


Pallet Library

By Neokentin

Used two pallets to make this library. I dissembled and sanded the pallet to find beautiful maple wood!


Pallet Coat Rack & Bookshelf (All in One)

By Neokentin

Pallet wood composes a handy rustic shelf for both coats and books. It has been used the technique of aging wood as well as white hooks for hanging coats.

Pallet Simple Bookshelf

By Neokentin

Pallet bookcase/bookshelf made with recycled pallet and plywood.


Books Pallet Rack

By Neodim

Excellent idea to use colored pallets as book rack for kids library!

Simple Pallet Shelf

By Neokentin

Love this pallet turned into a shelf, simply simple! :)

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