Pallet Bookcases & Bookshelves

If you need more storage, you’ll find lots of inspiration to add pallet bookcases & pallet bookshelves to your home. Fancy a bookshelf made from pallets? Our best ideas!

You’ll find hundreds of practical and stylish options to add extra storage to your living spaces. Almost every area of your home can have a shelf or a bookcase added. Just make it to the size you need! In addition to creating more storage, you’ll save money! We have everything you need to learn how to select, breakdown, and use pallets for many wonderful ideas by our talented crafters.

Almost all of the ideas presented are made entirely of pallet wood. Some have mixed woods, but many recycle or upcycle products to create unique and inspiring furniture! Take a look around and see our tutorials, design inspiration ideas, safety tips, and many other pallet resources to help you make the creation of your dreams!

Pallet & Metal Bookshelf

By Hewel mobilier

Unique creation made from an old metal factory cloakroom of the 30s, this shelf, has a very industrial spirit softened by crude wooden keys. The structure is entirely made of […]


Brooklyn Kinda Home

By Neokentin

After a few days of staring at a giant blank canvas I decided to go with my favorite, pallets!! Bringing 20 pallets up to the fourth floor of a “duplex […]


Bibliothèque En Palette / Pallets Bookshelf

By Neokentin

Here is a bookshelf I’ve made from: Oak plank for the side supports Pallets for the shelves, drawer and side door The dimensions are approximately: 2m20 high, 1m20 wide and […]


Bibliothèque / Pallet Bookshelf

By Neokentin

Simple bookshelf made with 3 recycled pallets by James :) Fait avec 3 palettes Europe par James.


Pallet Wood Upcycled Into Bookshelves

By cyrman

For this bookshelf, I was lucky to find highly conserved beech pallets. I then took the pallets apart, plane and bevel (45°) and then drill with a drilling template. The […]


The Easiest Bookshelf: Made From One Single Pallet

By Neokentin

Extremely simple: just paint and hang them up!


Pallet Bookshelves With Wine Boxes

By Neokentin

Bookshelf out of repurposed wooden pallets, rafters, and wine crates (for drawers). Bibliothèque en bois de palettes, chevrons, et caisses de vin ( pour les tiroirs).


Pallet Bookcase

By Neokentin

A bookcase I made this week with upcycled pallets.

Pallet Display Bookshelves

By Neokentin

Needed somewhere to put all my son’s Lego toys on display. Chopped up some pallets and gave them a paint job.

Pallet Bookshelf / Bibilotheque En Palette

By Neokentin

Sanded and refurbished pallet into a little bookshelf. Palette poncée et un peu retapée.

Biblio-tetris, Bookshelf Out of Repurposed Crates & Pallet Planks

By Neokentin

Library/bookshelf made from wooden crates and upcycled wood.

Diy: Pallet Bookcase Headboard

By Neokentin

Do you want a nice and handy pallet headboard with open bookcase?

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