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Kids Playhouse With Green Roof Made Out Of 20 Recycled Pallets

By Neokentin

Here is the hut for the kids I made from around 20 pallets. I added a slide and a green roof! Voici une cabane réalisée avec un vingtaine de palette, […]


Pallet Kids Playhouse

By Neokentin

Playhouse with toboggan for my kiddies, all made from repurposed pallets. :)


Kids Hut Made Out Of Recycled Pallets (And With Toboggan)

By Neokentin

Kids hut in the garden made from repurposed wooden pallets! Une cabane dans le jardin pour les enfants.


Salvaged Bed for Toddlers Made With Repurposed Pallets

By Neodim

Made using old ceiling joists, 3 pallets, floorboards, and layered cladding for the slats. The only thing I’ve paid for is the paint, even the nails have been recycled.


Pallet Toboggan

By Neodim

Pallets can also be used to make a toboggan for your kids!

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