Outdoor Living Room and Coffee Table with Storage Niches

By La Table en Palette

Layout of our terrace all in reclaimed wood. Outdoor living room and planters.

Garden Sofa From Pallets

By TheManThatCan


5 Springtime Pallet Projects For Your Garden

By Neokentin

This article contains five tutorials of furniture and pallet accessories for your garden. You will learn how to create a garden furniture set, a swing bed, a vertical planter, a […]

How to Transform Your Old Deck with Upcycled Pallets

By bigG46

When your deck is old and ready for the furnace, why not turn it into lovely garden furniture using wood pallets. To build this outdoor terrace set and transform my […]

Easy Pallet Corner Sofa

By Luckyplot13

How I made a simple yet effective pallet corner sofa out of 9 Euro pallets for my garden.

Unique Pallet Sofa with Red Cushions

By Kontempostudios

This is a pallet sofa and side pallet stools I’ve built. I added some nice touch of African Leso cushion covers. The size of the sofa is 54″ by 54″ […]

Pallet Sofa/Armchair

By Neokentin

So, as I spend too much time in front of my computer, I needed a quality chair. I was looking for some office chair, but it was too expensive. I […]

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