Jewelry / Key Hangers Made Using Pallet Wood

By Second-Chance-Wood-Pallet

We made this upcycled jewelry, key hangers using pallet wood, old doorknobs, coat/towel hangers, towel racks and more. Add stencils to make them customized to your theme or decor. Have […]

Diy Video Tutorial: American Pride Pallet Door Hanger

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

This is an american pride door hanger made with pallet wood!

Guitar Headstock-shaped Pallet Wall Hangers

By Briancoons

Planed pallet wood cut out in instrument headstock shapes for attaching hangers for instrument wall display.


Porch Swing Hanger for Mason Jars and Pallets

By FergII

Overhead Swing Decoration made out of pallets and Mason Jars.


Clothes & Towel Pallet Hanger

By hinkey

I made this clothes and towel hanger out of the supports for the pallets. It is very handy to keep things off the floor.


Hanging Pallet Kitchen Tools

By Drauth

The simplest way to use a pallet… Some screw hooks and held in place with clamps.

Pallet Key Rack

By Neokentin

Keys rack and holders made from an old repurposed and painted pallet.

Pallet Outdoor Swing Lounge

By Neokentin

A beautiful hanging lounge that could fit perfectly in your backyard if you have a large tree with good sturdy branches to hang it! Or maybe this pallet swing could […]


Diy: Vertical Urban Garden

By 2nd Funniest Thing

Fall in love with this cute hanging garden and recycle all your pallets leftovers!  Full tutorial in Spanish (but with many pictures) available on my blog 2nd Funniest Thing :)


Portable Hose Hanger From Hose Mount & Pallet Wood

By Th1ck

Made from pallets and scraps! 2 x 20inches= 2×4’s 1 x36 inches=2×4 Hose mount I got the idea from this old house! Gotta love those guys!


Porte Manteau / Pallet Coat Hanger

By Neokentin

Coat hanger made from repurposed pallet wood. Réalisation d’un porte manteau en bois de palette.

Australian Pallets Upcycling

By Neokentin

Just a few things I came up with over holidays with old pallets!

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