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Fruits and vegetables don’t come from grocery stores or supermarkets. They come from the gardens! Upcycle twice when you build pallet compost bins! There are several styles to fit your backyard or garden space, and composting volume! Turn veggie-based kitchen scraps, spoiled fruit, grass clippings, and leaves into black gold for your garden!

Your backyard and garden areas need pallet compost bins! Teach your kids how to grow their own food, and the first step is composting. But, you can’t compost without the proper equipment. Throwing away clippings, kitchen scraps and other organic waste is throwing away money. Buying commercially-available compost can be expensive, and you don’t know what went in.

When you recycle your own yard and kitchen trimmings, you know that the end product is safe and beneficial for your yard, garden, and family.
Save the landfills twice by composting. This process is easier than you think, and we’ve got many styles, including single, double, and triple bin systems for larger yards. Maintaining a composting system is easy, and benefits your plants, lawn, and garden. We have DIY tutorials and several brilliant styles to choose from. That black gold you make means more money in your pocket as well as a healthy gardening experience for your family.


5 Pallets Composter


How to Make the Ultimate Compost Bin with Recycled Pallets


Pallet Compost Bin

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