Create Mini Libraries: Little Pallet Bookcase Town Project

By Lab11

This little pallet bookcase project is unusual because there is not a just a single bookshelf. We built five! We placed each of these little in different businesses in my […]

Pallets Meet Cedar Logs: Cabin Pallet Table/Lamp Combo

By Neokentin

Here’s a terrific idea to bring a bit of vacation fun to your home with this Cabin Pallet Table/Lamp Combo! You’ll need some cedar logs and some pallet wood, plus a […]

Biblio-tetris, Bookshelf Out of Repurposed Crates & Pallet Planks

By Neokentin

Library/bookshelf made from wooden crates and upcycled wood.


Wooden Pallet Shelf / Bibliothèque Etagère En Bois De Palette

By Neokentin

This shelf is made with repurposed pallet wood; it is 1.80 m high, 19 cm deep and 69.5 cm wide. I painted it with green “home” paints. Cette étagère est […]


Outside Library With Repurposed Pallets

By Neokentin

Community library and picnic area made from repurposed pallets. The furniture is the result of a workshop I hosted for archeduc.


Pallet Library

By Neokentin

Used two pallets to make this library. I dissembled and sanded the pallet to find beautiful maple wood!

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