Pallet Coolers

By Neokentin

Nice and easy cooler, perfect for a hot day! The bases are made of pallet wood but I had to buy some pine wood and varnish also.

Rustic Pallet Ice Chest

By OurRusticFamily

This ice chest was created from 2 wood pallets. I cut the two pallets down and I sanded them a little, I didn’t want to remove too much wood characters. […]

Pallet Coffee Table with Recessed Ice Chest

By Second-Chance-Wood-Pallet

I did this project with a secret: It’s a Pallet Coffee Table with Recessed Ice Chest! It’s sedating and proper when you need it, and then pop the lid off and […]

pirate treasure chest

Pirate Treasure Chest Cooler Out Of 2 Pallets

By Bshizzle

A full functioning treasure chest with a vintage look, but it’s a modern cooler to fill with “treasure”!


Pallet Ice Chest Holder

By Neokentin

I made this ice chest using 3 pallets because I wanted to have it for my parties. It takes about one day and really isn’t that hard to make. The […]


Pallet Ice Chest

By wierdguy

Used an old fridge and converted it to a big esky and clad it with recycled pallet wood.

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