What Can I Grow in a Vertical Pallet Garden?

By Neokentin

“What can I grow in a vertical pallet garden?” Well, a lot. With a robust vertical staking and deep container, most vegetables can be grown vertically. It just depends on […]


Pallet Herb Planter Boxes / Kruie Tuin

By Jacquesp

If you have two pallets and a free day, you could have two Pallet Herb Planter Boxes! You can also put them on wheels. I made two of these simple planter boxes on […]

pallet herbs garden

Diy: Pallet Stairs Planter

By Neodim

Here is an original version of a small herbs garden. The stairs shape is perfect to save space and avoid backaches!


My Apartment Herb Garden

By Neokentin

I don’t have a yard living in an apartment, but I love colors, flowers & veggies. This year I decided to make an herb garden from an upcycled pallet, and […]


Pallet Herbs Garden Tower

By Neokentin

Herbs to be planted in the tower and set outside for growth. Daughter is trying to grow herbs but her dogs wont leave them alone. So we found something similar […]

Pallet Hanging Planter

By Neokentin

A beautiful idea of hanging planter made from recycled pallets that could be used as herb box or flower planter depending on where you hang it. Perfect for decoration in […]

Pallet Herb Garden Boxes

By Neokentin

Rustic herb garden boxes  made from pallets to keep the garden herbs dry.


Pallet Wall Herb Garden

By Cedar and Sandalwood

Hang on the wall herb rack using ball jars and potting soil and selected herbs.


Pallet Herb Rack

By Neokentin

A piece of a wooden pallet cut off from the rest of it, smoothened and hanged on two metal hangers drilled to the wall. The inside was secured with plastic […]


Pallet Herbs Table Planter

By Neokentin

A planter table made from recycled pallets to grow herbs.


Aromatic Herbs Pallet Planter

By Neokentin

Terrace planter for basilic and other herbs.


Three Tiered Pallet Herb Planter

By Neokentin

Reclaimed pallets used to make this three-tiered Herb planter that is made up of 3 free standing squares. Bottom tier 120 cm X 120 cm X 15 cm. Middle tier […]

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