Use The Pallet Force: Sci-fi Pallet Candle Holders

By LesAteliersduPoM

Make creative Sci-fi Pallet Candle Holders for that intergalactic fan in your life! I was inspired by a galaxy far, far away, and made these Star Wars-inspired set of tea […]

Bougeoir Pieds De Palettes / Pallet Blocks Into Candlesticks

By Steph83

I made these candlesticks with recycled pallet blocks using a drill, one 38mm drill bit, and 80 gr. sandpaper. Make a cross in the center and drill to the thickness […]

Candlestick in the Form of Letters Made out of Pallet Blocks

By Neokentin

In this attempt, I sculpted the word “Merci” (the French “Thank you“) with 3 pallets blocks as raw material. I also use it as a candlestick. Facile à faire avec […]


Wooden Pallet Candlesticks

By Panda

Wooden candlesticks made from old pallets with painted text (different areas in Copenhagen, Denmark, etc.) and stained. The candlesticks are produced by


Wooden Candlesticks Made Of Pallet Blocks

By Neokentin

Wooden candlesticks made of pallets with different texts/symbols painted on.

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