Firefighter/ Rescue Themed BBQ Bar

By espo007

Firefighter Rescue themed BBQ Bar, perfect for the mancave, patio, garage or deck.


Bbq Outdoor Table

By Neokentin

Outdoor table for my BBQ made from a recycled pallet and other pieces of wood. Palette et bois recyclés gardé précieusement pour mes petits projets.


My Pallet Work: Lounge & Bbq Side Table

By Neokentin

Here are the products I made for my garden: a pallet lounge and a BBQ side table from pallets.


Bbq Side Table Made From 2 Old Pallets & Old Boards

By Neokentin

Everything at hand for a perfect BBQ: get hold of 2 similar block pallets. preferably sized around 110 x 100. get some boards from e.g. fences, around 10 – 15 […]


Bbq Platform Made Out Of Pallets

By Neokentin

Small pallet platform I made for my BBQ in my zen corner.


Backyard Bbq Tiki Bar

By espo007

I used 1 40X48 pallet and two pallets cut in half for the sides, top painted a green color added a shelf on the inside to put bottles and BBQ […]


Bbq Area At My House

By Neokentin

I’ve just made this BBQ area on my house terrace with recycled pallets. I’ve made the BBQ table, the fence, a chair, and also a bench.


Pallets Terrace

By Neokentin

Garden terrace with BBQ entirely made out of recycled pallets. Terrasse de jardin avec barbecue.


The 8ft BBQ Made out of Pallets

By Heaney

Made from 3 pallets across the top (using extra pallet wood to infill the gaps) and then raised simply on two pallets on the sides. The center was cut out, […]

My New Pallet Bbq / Mon Nouveau Barbecue

By Neokentin

The second version of my pallet BBQ! La version 2 de mon BBQ en palettes, nettement plus reussie!


Grill/Fire Pit Table Made Out Of Repurposed Pallet

By Neokentin

You can grill your food… sit and enjoy it right off the grill at the same time if its a little chill out you can enjoy some of the warmth […]

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