Being in an area where gardens are very rare, I needed to make our yard space exciting for the kids. Something to keep them outdoors long enough for me to drink a hot cup of tea. So I built them their playhouse out of recycled wood pallets.

I spent a few evenings taking detours down side streets searching for abandoned pallets, with my husband saying, “why would anyone want pallets from the side of the road, surely no one who is sane”… he clearly never heard of this website. He’s definitely been converted, don’t worry.

I finally found a selection of whole pallets right by my uncle’s house! Perfect, he even knew the pallets owner and said they were definitely up for grabs, and they’d be pleased if I removed them.

I started with 4 pallets; they’d been outside for months and months apparently, so they were a bit rotten in places. I bought a crowbar and got to work on splitting them. (Had a zoom lesson from my Dad on how to split a pallet!)

I had no plans—just my creative little brain whirring away with the ultimate goal of building a pallet playhouse. I pretty much only paid for the crowbar, the wood screws and nails, and the roof, which I used a tarpaulin-covered with a Reed screen.

After the initial structure was built, my husband told me he wanted the roof to have a hinge so we could grab the kids out quickly if needed as the door was so small (child-sized). More creative brain obsessive behavior… I did it—a hinged roof.

The kids love it; I added some curtains and a mud kitchen that was built out of a wooden shelving unit from Wickes. It’s a perfect place for them to play and the tarpaulin feature of the roof actually means they’re quite happy even in the worst weather—a quiet cup of tea time for Mummy. Everyone wins. And hubby got his hinged roof. And no longer thinks I’m a crazy person.


Engineer, Co-founding partner of 1001Pallets. I earned my Engineer degree in Aeronautics & spatial telecommunications and navigation systems from INSA (Toulouse, FR). I worked as a sub-contractor for Airbus Aerospace & Defense for more than 12 years; I was the guy who worked on the black box inside the aircraft that give its exact position, useful if you want to land in the right place :). Since September 2015 I'm full-time working on & I'm passionate about recycling, vintage & refurbished things; I'm always amazed by the creativity of people around the world and how with their two hands and some imagination they can transform almost anything into beautiful objects, I also love to explore flea market in search of the "unfounded" object. I'm also a kind of a geek, and I'm behind the technical aspects of &, so if something is not working as it should, it's all my fault, and you should contact me for debugging purpose. In my spare time, I love going in the countryside, hiking in the mountains, drinking a delicious glass of wine with my friends and traveling to explore the beautiful places of this earth and meet other people and cultures.

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