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How I Made a Pallet Pool During The Covid-19 Pandemic


If you were wondering what to do when all the pools are sold out and the weather is still getting warmer, you could beat the heat with this simple, cheap pallet pool, big enough for you, the family, and the rest of the crew.

The size will be based on the pallets you salvage. For our family’s build, it was roughly 10 feet wide by 24 feet long.


Most of the materials were sourced from my garage that’s been storing job site leftovers.

  • Clean sand about half a yard around $10 at your local landscape supply yard
  • Optional: Waterproof Anti-microbial interior auto carpet foam
  • Heavy-duty Tarp
  • House Wrap like Tyvek or block it any brand will work
  • Ice and Water roofing membrane
  • Synthetic roof underpayment
  • Nails 1 n 1/2
  • Screws #9 x 3 -7lbs box I recommend t25 star for head style as they are less prone to cam out (stripping), and if they do, an S2 square bit can save you from getting the grinder out
  • 1/2 steel angle legs to mount the base of walls to mother earth
  • Five pieces of 3/8 x 10ft # 3 Rebar usually five or $6 at a big box store
  • Heavy-duty Ratchet strap 2-inch or thicker
  • Cleats or runners you can get from extra pallets this number will vary depending on the size of your pallet pool.

It helps to be picky about the pallets you choose for the cleats, as they will be used as the primary method of assembly, so be sure to inspect the inside. I use a custom pallet bar that I welded from scrap metal and a chainsaw bar cut in half. Avoid driving the nails or cutting them, it makes cutting them further painful and dangerous as well.

If you have trouble removing the nails from the cleats after removing the boards, don’t be discouraged: some are easier than others. A few simple tips for unclamping cleats, use a table-mounted vise to clamp a flat bar or similar claw/blade. Use it as if it were your hammer. You’ll save your back by using the entire cleat as a point of force on the nail instead of the short length of your hammer. Kick the nails before you pry them out, this can help break the mechanical bond formed by the adhesive they receive at the factory.


For a minimalist approach, if you don’t have a tool trailer lying around, just these essential hand tools and a few power tools can get the pool built.

  • Circular saw
  • Tape measure
  • Drill or impact driver
  • Orbital sander
  • Maul or sled
  • Hammer
  • demo bar

Nice to haves

  • Puma five hp 30 gallon Air Compressor
  • Air Hammer
  • Band file Sander
  • 1/2 Impact
  • AP 700 air locker nail puncher
  • 18 ga Stapler
  • Coil nailer
  • Table saw
  • Drill press
  • 4×36 Belt and disk sander
  • 10 inch 2-speed Bandsaw

Putting it all together

Mark Four corners of the perimeter where the walls will sit, double-check the pallets you sourced with this physical layout then start by clearing out the ground within the four corners; remove the grass and any rocks, leveling out any noticeably high spots.

Now you can prep your walls. Nail ice and water to one side of the pallets followed by the synthetic underlayment; this was my solution to ensuring the tarp didn’t bulge through the gaps in the plank walls when filled also prevents the pallet from sitting damp and dark. Connect the walls first at the base with the angled legs, half of a leg in one wall, the other half in your next fence, then drive rebar through the legs into the ground. Add a joining cleat at the middle section of each pallet in the same manner as the steel angle legs.

Next, start to fill the interior with sand and foam; just sand will work as well if you don’t have auto foam eating up real estate in your garage. Now line the inside with the house wrap; this acts as a vapor barrier sealing and separating the underpayment material from the liner.

Next, add the tarp start at one side work your way down; be sure to leave enough material to expand into the bottom corner of walls taking the leftover at the top, roll the excess liner in the top joining cleat. This prevents the liner from pulling into the pool from the weight. Use the strap to run around the entire outside of pool walls, about halfway up, and if you want a little deck around it, pallets cut in half are just the ticket.

Now you can fill your pool up and start researching filter options, ECT. Be sure to check with local code and ordinances for your area’s exact specifications for pools.


Michigan native Woodworking for a living with my wife and 2 boys. Extreme pallet salvage, a lot of other trades.

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