Pallet Work Bench

Pallet work bench on castors to create more pallet items.

9 months ago

How I Made This Cold Frame From Pallet Wood & Discarded “Ikea” Glazed Doors

  Glass has a high carbon footprint, and horticultural glass is expensive, so I just had to make good use…

9 months ago

How I Made a Pallet Pool During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Tips for building an 8,000-gallon pallet pool for your kids, family, and their friends.

1 year ago

Pallet Flower Box

My wife needed a new planter box out front, next to the driveway. What better way to put my pallets…

2 years ago

My Kids Pallet Playhouse

Being in an area where gardens are very rare, I needed to make our yard space exciting for the kids.…

2 years ago

Pallet Herb Planter Box

I decided that I needed a planter box this summer for all my herbs :). This is my first project…

2 years ago

Wooden Pallet: 10 Uses for Your Home Decoration

Ecological, economical, and easy to obtain, the wooden pallet is the ally of a recycled decoration that has style. Here…

2 years ago

Diy: Building A Pallet Hut

To please my goddaughter, I wanted to build her a hut on stilts from recycled wood pallets, here are the…

2 years ago

3 Steps for Building a Pallet Deck

The pallet is not just for furniture! In this article, discover how to use pallets to build a terrace deck.…

2 years ago