pallet crafts for kids

How I Made a Pallet Pool During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Tips for building an 8,000-gallon pallet pool for your kids, family, and their friends.

1 year ago

Pallet Mud Kitchen

I was disposing of some rubbish at put local tip, and a guy turned up next to me. He was…

2 years ago

My Kids Pallet Playhouse

Being in an area where gardens are very rare, I needed to make our yard space exciting for the kids.…

2 years ago

Children’s Multi-purpose Table With Armchair

Children's multipurpose table with an armchair. The table is 40 centimeters high, 50 centimeters wide, and 60 centimeters long. The…

2 years ago

Children’s Kitchen & Chair From Ordinary Pallets

Children's kitchen for daily play and storage of toys. The height of the kitchen is 80 centimeters, and the width…

2 years ago

The Pallet Mud Kitchen I Made for My Niece

I decided to make a pallet mud kitchen for my niece.

3 years ago

How I Made A Children’s Wood Pallet Kitchen For Indoor / Outdoor

This children's kitchen is made of a simple wooden pallet. The pallet boards are sanded by hand, with sandpaper. The…

3 years ago

Pallet Skate Ramp

This skateboard ramp is a structure that is easy to build and does not require a lot of pallets. The…

3 years ago

Pallet Children’s Hut

I made this children's cabin from used wooden pallets and various recycled materials. I added a slide for the greatest…

3 years ago