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Drill Bit Organizer Pallet Wood Project

By Karell

Today on pallet.tv we build a drill bit organizer using recycled pallet wood. The alternating wood color resulting from the glued laminated wood makes this pallet project a true masterpiece.

Dog Bed with Furring Strips

By Stormyskie

I saw this dog bed on this site, wanted to do one for my baby girl.

What is a Pallet? Everything You Need to Know about It!

By Neokentin

A Pallet is a horizontal platform, typically affixed to a superstructure and a bottom deck which that allows commercial goods to be shipped in a stable fashion by giving them […]

Make Pallet Woodgrain Pop With Simple Tips: DIY Video Tutorial!

By Karell

We all love pallet wood, but it can look better. I’ll show you how to make pallet woodgrain pop! Learn different techniques and get different wood effects without spending a lot […]

Stately Wine Rack Using Pallet Wood/ Porte Bouteilles En Palettes

By Neokentin

With two pallets and one weekend, I built this Stately Wine Rack! This project looks super left natural, but stain or paint it to suit your decor. Build a stately […]

Riley & Ralphie's Pallet Wood Puppy Toy Box!

By chinlyco

With limited space and a can of beans

The Pallet Punisher Wall Art: DIY Video Tutorial!

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

The symbol for the Punisher made with pallet wood.

Woodburned Pallet Jewelry Box Features Wood Inlay

By rcraill

I recently learned that you can add a deeper richer look by burning the wood. I use a Brulee burner for the smaller projects. Pallet wood is generally soft so burning is easy and quick.

Pallet Wood Indoor Garden Plant Stand

By Abaas

Here is an idea for a handy Plant Stand using pallet wood. It is a simple project that won’t take you long to complete. Use it for any variety of indoor or […]

Wood-turned Pallet Wood Koozie With Diy Video Tutorial!

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

A koozie made from pallet wood!? You heard right.

Pallet Wood Laundry Pedestal Features Handy Drawers

By Beckfritz

My first pallet project is very manageable. I made a Pallet Wood Laundry Pedestal. This pedestal provides lots of storage for laundry supplies while raising the machines up to a […]

Pallet Wood Stenciled Frame For Beautiful Vintage Mirror

By Second-Chance-Wood-Pallet

I created this Pallet Wood Stenciled Frame for an incredible antique mirror. I painted the project with a light color. Then, I applied a stencil with a contrasting color. Upcycle those […]

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