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Easy Kid’s Pallet Playhouse

By Neokentin

This tutorial will show you how to build a kid’s pallet playhouse! This fast project is flexible and expandable. Create many storage and organization solutions for your yard & garden! […]

Ultimate Planetary Pallet Kid’s Playhouse!

By Neokentin

Building a perfectly round wooden sphere big enough to fit in with a skylight to watch the stars.


Adorable Pallet Kids Bouncy Car / Auto Z Palet Promojí Dceru

By Davson

This Adorable Pallet Kids Bouncy Car will even have springs installed so that it’ll swing from side-to-side! It’s made from five Euro pallets with a piece of MDF on the roof. […]


Labor-of-love Pallet Wood Playhouse

By Neokentin

I made this Pallet Wood Playhouse from about fifteen pallets, pine wall studs, recycled crate plywood, and some found Plexiglas and more scrounged bits of needed hardware. It only cost […]

Pallet Playhouse

By Neokentin

A little pallet playhouse in a Brooklyn backyard. The playhouse has an integrated planter and numerous Windows.

Child’s Pallet Cabin Bed

By Neokentin

Here’s our project we made for our 3-year-old son: a Child’s Pallet Cabin Bed. Most of the build was fairly easy, but the longest part was sanding and varnishing the […]

Amazing Pallet Cabin in The Woods

By Neokentin

At 1001Pallets, we love cabins and playhouses, and we already featured a lot of incredible wooden houses, outhouses, summerhouses or kids playhouses made by our Crafters. Today, we discovered the work […]


Pallet Kids Playhouse

By Neokentin

Wouldn’t this have made your childhood more fun? Don’t be envious; find some pallets and build your own charming Pallet Kids Playhouse. Finishing Touches on this Pallet Kids Playhouse: I […]

Kids Pallet Bed/Playhouse

By WasteKnotWood

This child’s bed/play house was clad in reclaimed palletwood


Pallet Kids Playhouse

By Neokentin

Made with ten ft pallets and reclaimed wood. Only thing is I would make bigger. It took me awhile but I did this on me on, and it was my […]

Castle Crayon – Activity House for Kids

By Hesaurus

Noble princesses and valiant knights! Behold Castle Crayon, where you can use your imagination and create the most beautiful adventures this kingdom has ever seen! So if you like old castles, fearsome dragons, ancient trees, unicorns, magical spells or even butterflies, there is no time to lose. Grab a crayon and start drawing!

My Kids House in Pallet Wood

By azaner

A playhouse for my children made with pallet wood and several piece of shuttering planks.

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