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Pallet Wood King Size Bed with Drawers & Storage

By 4Rest

This DIY pallet bed is going to provide you plenty of features and facilities. The drawers under the bed will serve you sufficient space for your different home articles storage. For this […]


Toy Barn Made out of Pallets

By Neodim

I do not know a kid that would not like playing with a DIY toy like this home made barn.Katie Carrier made this one out of pallets. No need to provide […]

How to Take Apart a Pallet in under 5 Minutes

By DrEd

Taking pallets apart is a tedious thing, see this video to find out how to do it quickly and easily.


My Old Bbq Remade into a Rustic Serving Cart

By Lianne Snow

I pride myself on my creative recycling. They call me the Recycling Queen. So when my gas BBQ was beyond repair, I needed to do a new project. The result was the pretty and light rolling serving cart. It’s ideal for moving flower flats out front for sale, add an ice chest below and it is the quintessential lemonade stand. But I like to park it in front of the grape vine and have a friendly wine tasting station at backyard parties. It was delightfully easy.


Pallet Lamp

By HeatherStiletto

A diminutive lamp made from pallet wood and an Ikea lamp kit.

Pallet Buster & Disassembly Tool: Make Your Own Pallet Dismantling Tool

By Neokentin

The pallet pal or pallet buster or even pallet dismantling bar by Izzy Swan is one of the easiest ways (among others methods) to dismantle pallets with none to very […]

Miroir En Palette / Pallet Mirror

By Neokentin

First, find an old mirror or just buy a new or even used (as I did) and disassemble it to have the mirror. Take your measure ruler and note the […]


Pallet Wood Door Frame

By SecondMilled

This is a custom reclaimed wood doorframe, made entirely by hand with reclaimed pallet wood.

Record Box Made From Reclaimed Pallet Wood

By SecondMilled

We were recently commissioned to make a custom box to hold vinyl records, which will serve as a wedding gift.

New Pallet Bed Frame & Headboard for Our New Home

By Un(t)raveling

The first step when we moved in was to build a bed: an indispensable piece of furniture. Not too difficult to do.
And do we need to say that building your own bed as good old Ulysses did in Ithaca for his dear Penelope is damn hot! It’s indeed a pretty sexy thing to do with your partner and this bed is gonna be like no other bed…

Bill’s Bench: Love Seat From Three Pallets

By Neokentin

Working with no plans, but a dream (and a nagging mate); Bill built this great bench for a Southern porch. Having no roof or major overhang, a traditional Southern porch swing was out of the question.

Pecan Coasters & Pallet Coaster Holders

By HeatherStiletto

Ever have a random branch fall in your yard? Instead of cutting them up for firewood or whatever, why not turn them into some interesting coasters for yourself or as a gift?

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