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Pallet Garage Bar / Mancave

By lionshead15

I always wanted a bar in my garage, but at the time I didn’t have the room, so I extended the garage and added a decent sized bar. I had an idea in my head of what I wanted an using other people’s pictures for inspiration and ideas, I came up with this.


Pallet Photo Clock / Orologio Da Pallet Con Foto Tecnica Potch

By FrancescoGuatelli

Make yourself a creative and unique Pallet Photo Clock in about an hour. You only need a scrap piece of pallet wood and a clock mechanism. I want a Pallet […]

One Single Pallet Into a Garden Swinging Chair

One Single Pallet Into a Garden Swinging Chair

By Neokentin

Here’s a simple and fun summertime project – make yourself a garden pallet swing chair! You only need one pallet and some good, sturdy chain! Here’s how I built my […]


Pallet Deck/Lounge Area

By 1Terry11

I made this Pallet Deck/Lounge Area after we had a lathe delivered at work. The lathe came with a large 12′ X 4′ wooden container that was going to be […]


Pallet Corner Seating/Coffee Table

By nito676

Our family wanted a relaxing place to hang out. We made this Pallet Corner Seating/Coffee Table with only 14 pallets and a few day’s work. The hardest part was the […]

Beautiful Pallet Bookcase

By Neokentin

I made this Beautiful Pallet Bookcase using three pallets and 5 hours of time. I made this because a customer of ours needed it in their kindergarten class. Finishing this […]


Beautiful Pallet Bench

By Neokentin

You can make a Beautiful Pallet Bench like this one. Its casual elegance would work both indoors or outdoors, and it is very budget-friendly too! Use this Beautiful Pallet Bench […]


Pallet Coffee Table/Bookshelves

By GeezerMojo

My daughter is an avid reader/blogger. She ran out of bookshelf room long ago and started asking if I could build her a coffee table out of pallets. So I did, as a Christmas present.


Rustic Pallet Wine Rack

By Baro

This is what I did in one afternoon last year….


Bronzed-caster Pallet Coffee Table

By vince25j

This is my very first pallet project! :-) I made a Bronzed-Caster Pallet Coffee Table for around 20 dollars, and it took me about four hours to complete. Here’s how […]


Raised Pallet Led-lit Kids Bed

By Neokentin

How about this super-fun Raised Pallet LED-Lit Kids Bed for your own DIY Pallet Project? I turned a little built-in area in my kid’s room into a platform bed with […]


5-hour & 30 Dollars Pallet Coffee Table

By Neokentin

You can build a custom, 5-Hour Pallet Coffee Table for under 30 dollars that will fit your space and sense of style exactly the way you want it! Here’s how I built my 5-Hour […]

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