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King Size Golden Oak Headboard

By bluegrassfan76

I built this king-size chevron style headboard for someone who had purchased some pallet wood items from me in the past. They wanted it stained golden oak and finished with […]

Pallet Dartboard Cabinet

By kneel999

After saving a beautiful Red Oak Pallet from my work I decided to build a dartboard cabinet out of it.

Wormhole Pallet Bar With Zebra Butcher Block Top!

By richpeirce

People love entertaining and bars are usually the center of the action. However, what if the celebration moves into another room. The market I sell my pieces at tasked me with making a bar on rollers.

Multi-shelf Pallet Bookcase

By Neokentin

I made this Multi-Shelf Pallet Bookcase entirely out of pallet wood. The dimensions are 125cm wide, 80cm tall and 42cm deep. I used a circular saw, jigsaw, orbital sander, hammer, […]

Two-tier Pallet Dog Hammock

By HeatherStiletto

Save money and trees – skip those expensive pet beds that fall apart quickly and build your own Two-Tier Pallet Dog Hammock. A hammock will reduce the pressure on older joints and making it different heights adjusts for your dog’s needs.

Pallet Cornhole Game Board (2nd of a Pair)

By HeatherStiletto

A game board doesn’t have to be ordinary – use different pallet woods to make it unique and extraordinary! This Cornhole Game Board is the 2nd of a pair built out of various tones of pallet woods to “color” the board tops naturally. Wood types including oak, pine, redwood, poplar, ash, and more.


Pallet Shoe Bench

By joraaada0

This was my first pallet project with a simple idea in mind that came out very efficiently.


Cornhole Game Board (1st of a Pair) out of Pallet Wood

By HeatherStiletto

A friend asked me to build her a game board. Silly me, I agreed, not knowing that there is a Cornhole Game Association, and there are all kinds of specifications, AND that a pair of the boards is needed. The other part was that I didn’t want it to cost my friends anything. I also wanted to incorporate some sentimental reclaimed wood from their aunt’s house, and was able to figure out a way!


Table Basse Chêne Massif Lamellé-collé / Solid Glulam Oak Coffee Table

By robbrico

I recovered the triangular falls from another project, and I adjusted them. The central hole is a bonded assembly of three falls the same wood. Everything is assembled with “Lamela […]

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