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Diy: Planter Box Using Reclaimed Pallet Wood

By tarantula3

Hi There, I’ll show you in this simple DIY tutorial, how to build a planter box out of reclaimed pallet wood. Step 1: Dismantle Your Pallets The first step is […]

Modern House Pallet Number Plaque

By tarantula3

Hi there, I am back again with another simple DIY project. This one cost me absolutely nothing. In this project, I am going to make a “Modern House Pallet Number […]

4 Methods to Remove a Stripped or Broken Screw

By Neokentin

We all found ourselves at that moment; clumsily groping with a screwdriver trying to remove a screw only to notice that it was damaged, either by your actions when in […]

Pallet Bed: How to Craft It?

By Neokentin

Pallets have been around for many years now – useful storing, packing, and carrying materials – but lately, they have become the DIY crowd’s favorite resource. In the last years, […]

Which Screws To Choose for Your Wood Pallet Projects?

By Neokentin

Pallet builds implies a lot of assemblies and one of the easiest and popular methods is screwing. But, the main question is: What types of screws I should use? What […]

Joining Pallet Wood & Making Straight Boards

By Karell

Are you planning to build a pallet wall or pallet floor, do you need to know the perfect technique for joining pallet wood? Do you need straight boards? Today, I’ll […]

Pallet Workshop Backyard Shed

By Chrismccol

This is how I built my workshop in the backyard from reclaimed pallet wood. I had no plans other than a rough sketch.

Mobile Pallet Work Table

By petrovich.23

In the summer I like to work outside. I needed an indoor/outdoor mobile work table, so I’ve made this work table with repurposed pallets.

Wood Sanding Tips For Your Pallet Projects

By Neokentin

There is one thing that you can’t really skip when working on a pallet project or any wood project, it’s the terrible sanding time! :) If you want to achieve […]

Preserve Your Pallet Furniture: 8 Essential Tips & Tricks

By Pete Alman

Pallet furniture is not for everyone. People who like wood and adore experimenting will find pallet furniture marvelous and useful. Also, it is highly-functional indoor and outdoor furniture. Crafting unique […]

3 Pallet Bar Features Mod Podge Picture Top

By bobthebuilder

Began with full pallet for front, and cut 2 pallets at same size for sides. Sanded for hours and stained. For the final touch of the main part of the bar, I first put a coat of pre-stain to prepare surface. Then, printed and cut pics, glued using modpage that worked great. once dry, I applied 3 coats of epoxy. Fun to work with but make sure wood is level, and you have plastic under project. Came out really nice. Added colored lights for effect.

Wood Slice Pallet Table Will Leave Them Envious!

By Poobear

Using a beautiful wood slice and a pallet creates this stunning table.

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