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Belgium Beauty Patchwork Pallet Bar

By LesAteliersduPoM

We made this Patchwork Pallet Bar using pallet wood for the structure and scaffolding wood for the bar top. We finished the project with three different colors to create a […]

Rustic Pallet Bars Get Parties Started

By Neokentin

Rustic Pallet Bars for Football Season…These Bars where built for clients with there favorite team logos so let the games begin

Vw Pallet Bar / Bar Vw Combi En Bois De Palette

By LesAteliersduPoM

Le croisement du bois de palette, bois d’échafaudage et de pièces VW

Angled-edge Pallet Bar Rocks Your Outdoor Parties!

By Neokentin

This Pallet Bar is indeed fit for a King. First off its 10 feet Long 30 inches wide with two shelves and a Bottle opener for those nice cold drinks But let me tell you she weights a ton…

Get Grillin’ With These 10 Pallet Barbecue Projects!

By HeatherStiletto

Summertime means it’s time to Do the ‘Cue! But wait, what if you don’t have an incredible outdoor kitchen or barbecue set-up? Find some fantastic inspiration here with these 10 […]

Pallet Bar Stools/Benches: Time For A Pool Party!

By alp7alp

I created a bar stool, looking at pictures through this site and wasn’t exactly happy with it, so I decided to make a bar bench. The problem with the bar stool was that I had to make them 32 inches, thus making it not very stable. Thus the bar benches. Now people use the bar stool more for a small table to set drinks on. One mistake on the Bar Stools was that I did not angle the legs making it top heavy.

Good Ole’ Boy’s Pallet Bar Will Inspire You!

By Neokentin

We made this Southern Good Ole’ Boy’s Pallet Bar using a 12′ x 4′ pallet. Half was used for a separate fence project. We built the L-shaped bar on the deck […]

Easy Diy Pallet Barn Shelves

By Sean Manzi

I made this set of Pallet Barn Shelves out of necessity. The shelves measure: 48″ H x 40″ W x 36″ D. I made this shelving unit from upcycled barn wood from my […]

Rustic Designed Pocket Hole Pallet Bar Stool

By Neokentin

I made this Rustic Designed Pocket Hole Pallet Bar Stool was made from 100% heat-treated (HT) pallet wood. We featured, instead of hiding, the pocket holes as we thought they […]

Homemade Pallet Bar Creates Great Outdoor Gathering Space

By frenchboy

A homemade bar made out of a recycled pallet (U-shaped for transporting garden tables upright), some old tongue and groove flooring for the bar top, reclaimed pallets and boards for all of the interior shelving and fixings, and finally 6 treated boards for the front ( I couldn’t face using smaller boards so for simplicity…).

Build Your Own Stunning Sliding Pallet Barn Doors!

By Granny K

I wanted to make a set of sliding doors for the closet in this room because the bed is so far over that it gets in the way of opening […]

Diamond Pattern Pallet Barn Door

By Neokentin

I made this Diamond Pattern Pallet Barn Door in three layers. The inside layer is 1″ x 6″ pine boards stained a carbon gray. I made the middle layer using […]

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