Reclaimed Pallet Slats, Wood & Timber in Dudley, UK

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Dudley, UK
266 Castle Street England DY1 1LQ GB


  • 60mm: 25p each
  • 80mm: 25p each
  • 90mm: 35p each
  • 100mm/1m: 50p each
  • 1.2m: 60p each
  • 1.5m: 70p each
  • 2m: £1 each
  • 2×2 inches: £1.25 each
  • 3×3 inches: £1.66 each

width and thickness vary.

Fire Wood:

  • 20kg: £3
  • 1 Ton: £35

Please contact me for more information on other products for sale including chipboard sheets and color pallets and much more.

Call Serena on 07519534223

February 19, 2021
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