The Rook’s tavern needed a Bar Mate for overflow. Rooks tavern pallet bar was featured in August, so now we need to build a bar mate. It is made from six 2″×12″×8″ for the frame and a sheet of 3/4 plywood for the doors and sliding doors on shelves and cabinet.

They are all covered with pallet wood to add the rustic look we love so much. We used two wood pallets on the cover of the plywood. This project was fun to build.


My name is Brook and I've been a Carpenter now for 22 years. I enjoy building with my hands, woodworking is one of my favorites. I have a family business named "Our Rustic Family" where we build custom furniture from reclaimed wood, pallet wood, and some new wood as well... But please enjoy some of our work and visit our site. Thanks

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