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Pallet Shoebox

To built this pallet shoebox, I stripped 2 whole wood pallets, used 2x4s for the interior frame and, cut down 1 by for exterior sides and lid.I used one 1x6 with a 45-degree angle cut …

Workshop Safety: Pallet Woodworking Safety Tips

It’s funny. I see people writing in every day, commenting about pallet safety. "Is my pallet safe?" What people DON'T ask, and they should, is "How can I be safe when woodworking?" The art and …
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Pallet Sliding Barn Doors

This tutorial by Kathleen McCown will show you the step-by-step instructions to build a set of sliding barn doors for the closet in her room because the bed is so far over that it gets in …

Protecting from Woodworking Hazards

Machines used in woodworking are dangerous, particularly when used improperly or without proper safeguards. Workers operating woodworking equipment suffer the following common injuries: laceration, amputation, severed fingers, and blindness. Wood dust and the chemicals used …

Pallet Dog Bed

Discover how to build your own Pallet Dog Bed! This is a perfect weekend project and requires two to three pallets to complete. This tutorial by Dana Laureano from the blog "Ruggy DIY"  in collaboration with …
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