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Pallet Wall TV Holder

By Neokentin

A nice, possibly colored and very cheap wall TV holder!

Pallet Garden Tools Holder

By Neokentin

Just a great idea and at zero cost for this garden tool storage made out of one single pallet!

Pallet Sofa & Armchair from Repurposed Pallets

By Neodim

Sofa and armchair made from pallets. Great work and design!

Original Pallet Bench: Mobile And Eye-catching

By Neokentin

Using pallets simply to make a unique, yet the easy design is always the fun – and challenge – of working with this medium. However, this Original Pallet Bench manages […]

1300 Pallets Pavilion by Matthias Loebermann

By Neokentin

Matthias Loebermann built this beautiful pavilion out of 1300 shipping pallets and held them together using tie rods and pull straps for the Nordic Alpine Skiing World Championship in Oberstdorf, Germany. […]

Pallet Swing for a Nice Boat Atmosphere

By Neodim

Beautiful boat atmosphere!

Pallet Bed Headboard

By Neodim

Pallet bed headboard out of repurposed pallet planks and with some painted decorations.

Pallet Coffee Table for Cards Players

By Neodim

A custom pallet as a coffee table! For cards players!

Pallet Sofa

By Neodim

Maybe the simplest pallet sofa, but you need the perfect sized cushion to go with it.

Pallet Garden Potting Bench

By Neodim

All steps to make it here.

Diy: Pallet Lounge Chairs

By Neokentin

Beautiful pallet lounge chairs made with five repurposed wood pallets and painted in red for an attractive look in your garden! A detailed DIY tutorial was made available by Titti […]

Recycled Pallets as Bathroom Wall

By Neodim

Do you want to change the look of your bathroom? Why not adding some painted pallet planks on your wall for a shabby chic style?

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