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Pallet Painting Canvas

By Neokentin

I have for a long time used pallets for my paintings instead of canvas or MDF boards. I like the rough surface because it gives the message to the art […]

Bar Made from Recycled Pallets

By Neokentin

Bar made of pallets and a baby carriage!

Pallets Ceiling

By Neokentin

Another pallets idea, make a ceiling with repurposed pallets. We have already seen the use of pallets on a bathroom wall and floor….now you can do the complete room with […]

Design Pallet Stools

By Neokentin

I send you a picture from my new stools, made from shipping pallets and sheepskin….

Amazing & Practical Tv Set from Recycled Pallets

By Neokentin

We needed to make a TV set with a good cable management system, since we have the IT cables, the sound system, TV box, satellite, TV, etc. Before we had […]

Upcycled Pallet Into Wine Rack

By Neokentin

Here is another way of use for a discarded pallet. Holds 10 standard wine bottles or your favorite booze!

Pallet Snow Sledge

By Neokentin

Snow sledge made from a half pallet; the pads were cut in a plastic container of 200 liters!

Pallet Compost Bin

By Neokentin

You need a compost bin but doesn’t want to buy an expensive one? You could do it simply with old pallets, just follow this DIY tutorial done by Anisa and […]

Diy: Pallet Sofa & Bunk Bed

By Neokentin has done a ten steps DIY tutorial that will show you how to made a pallet sofa that is also a bunk bed! The result is beautiful, and this looks […]

How to Hang a Pallet on Your Wall

By Neodim

And here are the complete instructions on how to hang a pallet on your wall!

Pallet Garden Lounge Chair

By Neodim

Another idea of design for your pallet lounges chair!

Homemade Pallet Coffee Table

By Neodim

Long coffee table made from pallet wood!

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