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Pallet Garden Set

By Neokentin

Another set for the garden made from repurposed pallets. Even the foam for cushions was recycled.


Candle Holder From Upcycled Pallet Blocks

By Neokentin

Candle holder made with cubes taken from recycled pallets and assembled with plug glued joints.

Diy Tutorial: Easy Pallet Bar Made Using 2 Pallets

By Neodim

This pallet bar is perfect for your deck, backyard patio, or garden area! In two hours, along with a couple of pallets and a few miscellaneous supplies, you’ll have a mini party-bar that you don’t have to elbow up to! And the best with this pallet bar is you don’t need to dismantle the pallets ;)

Upcycled Pallet Bed Headboard

By Neokentin

I saw a similar idea initially on Pinterest, so of course, I had to run with it. I just added 24″ 2×4’s to the bottom to raise the pallets to […]


Complete Pallet Garden Set

By Neokentin

Here is my new pallet corner for the garden entirely made from repurposed pallets.


My Pallets Balcony Set

By Neokentin

I used old pallets, painted them in white and added cushions to make my new pallet balcony set!


Our Pallet Garden Set

By Neokentin

Here is our complete garden set completely made out of repurposed wooden pallets: table, chair, stool and bench :)


Pallet Bed Headboard

By Neokentin

Complete pallet bed headboard made from recycled wooden pallets and painted.

Grey Pallet Coffee Table

By Neokentin

Just another pallet coffee table… but it’s mine and I tried to give it a modern look.

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