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Coffee Shop Pallet Wood Benches

By bluegrassfan76

Local coffee shop on the square in our small town asked me to make some benches.

Top Tips on How to Upcycle Wooden Pallets in Order to Create Stylish and Useful Storage Spaces in Your Home

By Neokentin

If you’re a fan of reading blogs online, chances are you’ll have seen loads about the whole “fixer-upper” trend that is rife in the home décor department right now. It’s […]

Euro Pallet Garden Set

By Neokentin

This is a small friendly garden lounge I built out of 14 EURO wood pallets. I also used 5 sets of casters, wood glue, and screws. It took me approximately […]

Plastic Pallets, Are They Suitable for Diy Projects?

By Neokentin

We only present project made from repurposed wood pallets here, but what about plastic pallets? We see more and more of these types of pallets and a question that raised […]

Painting Station - An Outdoor Pallet Work Table

By petrovich.23

I wanted a designated painting station without having to drag out saw horses and an old door every time. All in one, it’s a three-season work table. Stable & heavy, […]

Lego Style Pallet Bricks

By ScottDoane

I wanted to make something that could be used to build other buildings with – a lego style brick made out of pallets. The aim here was to be as […] A Complete Review

By Neokentin

Want to know what the plans of are worth? Well, then you’ll want to read on. First, let’s give some info on the offer from Who is John […]

Our Rustic Family Cantina Pallet Bar

By OurRusticFamily

This Cantina Bar Set will bring attention to any backyard. A great place to enjoy your adult favorites with family and friends. The Lepkoskys Bar and Grill Cantina is one […]

Firewood for Sale: How to Find & Choose It?

By Neokentin

Although the main subject of this website is “what can be done with wooden pallets?”, we receive many questions about where to find firewood for sale near me? First, it […]

Flooring with Upcycled Pallets

By Neokentin

This is my first pallet project. Flooring in our new build house. Hunted for pallets, not as hard as I thought. Then, I bought the necessary tools and nails and […]


By Neokentin



By Neokentin


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