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A-frame Swing from One Commercial Size Pallet

By Neokentin

I made a 5 ft swing from one commercial size pallet and an A-Frame stand to hang it from 6 landscaping ties that had been used to separate large pipes […]

Pallet Easel for Slate Board

By Neokentin

I made this easel for a slate board with a few pallet planks. It took me about 4 hours for this project, the most difficult part was the 45° cuts […]

Pallet Hairdressers

By Neokentin

It took me 2 days of work to make these two hairdressers for a tattoo salon. I used 2 reclaimed wood pallets, angle iron for the frame, wood glue and […]

Easy Pallet Coffee Table

By Willie23

This simple coffee table was made from pallets and wood beams found in a wendy house.

Pallet Rustic Wedding Decor

By dotkam

I’ve built this decorative wall for a wedding out of repurposed pallets. The blanket chest is 48” wide x 36” deep x 30” tall.

Wardrobe Made Out of Pallet Timber

By EpicUpcycling

This wardrobe was inspired by The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Narnia story. The whole wardrobe is made from nothing but recycled wood pallets. Even the nails get used. […]

Pallet Cosplay Builds Display Hutch

By petrovich.23

I made a small hutch to display for my cosplay builds. It’s a simple build, made from salvaged pallet wood from a construction site. Two uprights and two shelves. The […]

Garden Sofa From Pallets

By TheManThatCan


Full-size Early American Pallet Headboard

By bluegrassfan76

Easy to build pallet wood headboard.

Practical Ways to Use Wall Shelves to Personalize a Dorm Space

By Neokentin

We all know how cramped for space a dorm can be. Sometimes the room is so small that you barely have any place to display all your amazing art, pictures, […]

Standing Desk Idea with Pallets for College Students

By Neokentin

A student will have to write and submit tons of assignment based on different topics and subjects. This means spending sleepless nights studying and writing. To be successful in crafting […]

Garden Pallet Lounge Sets

By Neokentin

2 salons de jardin en palettes

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