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Terry’s Pallet Shot Glass Holder

By OurRusticFamily

This pallet shot glass holder was made from 2 pallet slats. We cut the pallet slats to size then pre-sand them before routing the edges. The holes for the shot […]

Diy – Pallet Planter Box

By tarantula3

In order to embellish my terrace, I made this planter with recycled wooden pallets. We will see in this tutorial how easy it is to make a planter with a […]

How I Made This Pallet Gravity Shelf

By OurRusticFamily

The gravity shelves was a project for my shop… it’s nice to showcase new ideas.

How To Look After Woodworking Tools

By Neokentin

Woodworking tools are like your children, and if you take good care of them, they will be there for you in the long run. You don’t have to do much […]

Chisel Organizer from Pallet Wood

By Karell

This month we are making a Chisel organizer from pallet wood. My garage is a mess and I need to get organized, so baby steps… Let’s organize those chisels and […]

Rustic Pallet Door

By OurRusticFamily

Our Family rustic pallet door with a large door handle.

Pallet Garden Cabin

By Neokentin

Pallet garden shed made in Québec, of feminine design and construction, made almost entirely of pallets (except for the 2×4 spruce rafters). I fell on large wood pallets of about […]

Pallet Foyer Table & Cabinet

By Briancoons

This simple pallet foyer table with 2 wood doors and LED under cabinet display lighting was easy and simple. It took one full day to construct. We wanted a new […]

Xmas Tree Pallet Wood Project

By Karell

For Christmas 2019, what better time to show a very popular holiday pallet project, the famous pallet Xmas tree. This pallet project is about as simple as it gets if […]

Our Pallet Kitchen Doors

By Neokentin

For the project of our kitchen doors, it logically began with the disassembly of some wood pallets. Not having the necessary tools, we simply separated little slats and with the […]

Drill Bit Organizer Pallet Wood Project

By Karell

Today on we build a drill bit organizer using recycled pallet wood. The alternating wood color resulting from the glued laminated wood makes this pallet project a true masterpiece.

How To Build a Portable Generator Enclosure

By Neokentin

Everyone desires the good things in life. Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, having a nice-looking and decent portable generator enclosure is one thing. Having it strategically placed and […]

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