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Pair of Mobile Pallet Loungers

By n2deep69

Here’s a simple, but a creative idea for seating on your patio. Make a set of these Pallet Loungers! I used pallets to make my patio furniture because they’re budget-friendly, […]

Pallet Garden Flower Hanger

By Neokentin

A simple, 1 pallet project that allows you to showcase beautiful flowers and colors in your backyard.

Types of Glue for Woodworking

By Neokentin

Part of woodworking is to do good joinery; if the joints are tight and well-fitting, you’ve got a better chance of long-term success. But the other part is gluing those […]


Private Pallet Garden

By KitKat

When new neighbors built right on our back fence, we lost all privacy in the back garden. So I decided to create a new garden in our drive way ( we are on 1 1/2 acres ) so the driveway is big.

Pallet Sandbox With Lid

By Neokentin

Here’s a solution when the neighborhood cats make your kid’s sandbox their restroom: make a Pallet Sandbox With Lid! One of my friends at work has two young children who love […]

Celtic-inspired Pallet Blanket Chest

By Espie

What started out as a plain planter box turned into a work of art Celtic knot inspired blanket chest

Outdoor Timber Dining Table

By donno4280

Outdoor pallet dining table complete with living herb garden.

Garden Benches Made by My Parents


Dad got inspired, they got some pallets, done some measurements, painted it screwed it together and her it is!

Pallet Wood Wall Mount Silverware Holder

By humboldtartdept

A wall mounted silverware holder made from free pallet wood, though this could be adapted for many uses.


How to Make a DIY Pallet Garden

By tomswanson

If you have old pallets you have no use for at this moment, then you may be surprised that there are plenty of chances you can use to turn them into something worthwhile.

17 Rustic Bathroom Ideas You Can Make With Pallet Wood

By Neodim

If you follow our website, you know that Pallets often add style to your interior. While it’s not yet time to do gardening or your next garden pallet projects (planter, […]


Pallet Bar with Built in Insulated Ice Box

By Paul's Pallatable Designs

Pallet bar with built in self draining insulated ice box.

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