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Pallet Garden Table & Chairs

By Neokentin

I took two broken chairs and brought them back to life with recycled pallet wood. I also turned a wire spool into a side table. I used steel wool and […]


Pallet Garden Table & Bench

By Neokentin

To build a table and bench without changing too much the aspect of the pallets, I used 4 of them for the table itself and 16 for the sitting, the […]


Upcycled Pallet Garden Table With 2 Pallets

By Neokentin

Just two old pallets were used to make this garden table.


Pallet Garden Table & Chair

By Neokentin

Mum needed something for a small garden…I made some furniture’s with recycled pallets!


Garden Table & Benches From Repurposed Pallets

By Neokentin

Garden table has a barn door as the table top, but other parts are made from recycled pallets.

Pallet Garden Table

By Neokentin

A table from pallets for my garden! In Romania Praid!

Raised Vegetable Garden From Pallet & Formwork Planks

By Julden

Création de mon petit potager à hauteur humaine

Handy Portable Pallet Gardening/Fishing Chair

By BradleyT

Two of these chairs can actually be made out of one pallet. This style is complete with a backrest that doubles as a storage place for small tools or fishing poles that can be put in it as a pole holder while fishing. It also features a side “slip” holder for longer tools or extra poles as well as a compartment with closing lid at the back bottom for gardening gloves, trowels, seeds or bait and tackle. Wheels are also available for those not capable of carrying the chair, and I will be posting a few more versions that I have designed but aren’t completed yet so stay tuned…


Fast Comfortable Pallet Garden Lounger Set

By Neokentin

For a long time, I wanted to assemble a Fast Comfortable Pallet Garden Lounger Set. Primarily, I wanted it to be easy to build, but that it could also be left […]

Garden Pallet Table / Table De Jardin

By Neokentin

This Garden Table/Table De Jardin was made from a large pallet. It is a simple design and was fairly easy to make. We varnished it to protect it from the […]

Table & Bench for My Garden

By Neokentin

I made this table out of pallets while the benches are repurposed shutters. J’ai fais la table en bois de palette. Les chevrons des bancs étaient initialement des volets.

Garden Sofa & Coffee Table

By Neokentin

I made this sofa and coffee table from 13 pallets I got from work. I used the plywood topped type as I didn’t want to any gaps on the seats. […]

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