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How I Made This Pallet Pub Table: The Wine A Little

By OurRusticFamily

This chevron pattern pallet table has a built-in wine rack in the bottom to hold your favorite adult treats. We call it “The Wine A Little“. I used 2 pallets […]

L-shape Pallet Bar

By OurRusticFamily

This L-Shape Bar was built for Steve, Rima & Tim Ericka to enjoy at there home to escape the Coronavirus. But, I’m sure it will last far beyond this pandemic. […]

Outdoor Living Room and Coffee Table with Storage Niches

By La Table en Palette

Layout of our terrace all in reclaimed wood. Outdoor living room and planters.

Pallet Transformed into a Shelf

By Reusine

Decorative and storage furniture, shelves, tubs, coat rack, flower lamp, mirror, etc. This multifunctional storage cabinet is a wall decoration in painted, patinated and varnished wood, in fuchsia color with […]

Wall Art: Pallet Moby-dick

By Neokentin

My childhood was spent near the sea, where it filled me with energy and now that I live far from it I have created my personal window towards the sea […]

The Evac Esqua Pallet Bar

By OurRusticFamily

The Evac Esqua Bar was created to escape the coronavirus… That’s where the name comes from… so sit back and relax with a cocktail or two. The Evac Esqua Bar […]

First Bench Out of Wood Pallets

By Neokentin

This is the first bench I have made from recycled wood pallets.

How I Make This Pallet Rope Shelves

By Mr.HangerMan

Hi, I’m Peter and I would like to share with you my attempt to make a rope shelf out of pallet wood. Have you ever wonder how all those Lovely […]

4 Pallets Dining Table

By lelievre

Dining table that can accommodate a dozen people, this one was made with 4 recycled wooden pallets. I also put casters on it to make it easier to move.

Pallets Ideas for Decorating Your Pool Area

By Neokentin

Building a pool takes skills and expertise. You should not assume that it is just a matter of digging a hole, and you are good to go. However, maintaining your […]

Compost Bin Made from Recycled Pallet Wood

By Waldor

Compost bins are containers for the production of compost from organic household waste. This allows the reduction of the generation of waste for deposition, generating a product rich in nutrients […]

The Admiral’s Arms Pallet Bar

By OurRusticFamily

This L Shape Bar named “The Admiral’s Arms” is an Ebony color bar with a built-in wine rack and built-in wine glass holder. This bar has plenty of storage, it […]

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