Outrageous Pallet Bar Out of 12 Reclaimed Pallets

If you dream of being the go-to party spot for those special occasions, then dream big! Build yourself an Outrageous Pallet Bar like this one! Gather some pallets, spend a modest amount of money and then let your imagination run wild!

How I turned a dozen pallets into this Outrageous Pallet Bar:

I made this bar from reclaimed pallets, two sheets of exterior plywood, some 2×4″ boards, a lot of fasteners and even more imagination. I think the hardest part of the build was splitting the pallets apart. I did this to create shelves and to use boards to fill in gaps, so I tried to use complete pallets when possible. I used 12 pallets in this project

, as well as some plywood. The fun part was adding all of the finishing touches to make it mine, such as lights
, a “thatched” roof, and some stylized artwork. I built this in approximately 40 hours and spent around $500.00 on the project.

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