Nifty Pallet Wood Liquor Cabinet Has You Party-ready!

I built this Pallet Wood Liquor Cabinet for convenient storage and needed it to fit a particular space. I kept it rustic-looking and think it looks great against the brick wall.

Handy storage in your living room, dining room, and a great party decor addition!

I made the sides and front using ripped pallet deck boards. I completed it all with hand-picked pallet deck boards that had unusual defects.  Additionally, I used a few hinges, door handles and magnetic closures on the doors. This cabinet still needs whitewashing to match our pallet wood coffee and matching end tables.

With this great little bar, you’ll need a place to hang extra coats and gloves when you have family & friends over! Check out this Gear Storage Rack – it’s modular!


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  • This is a great way to make rustic furniture for almost free. Your great thinking and planning and willingness to share will just save me hundred of dollars for a baby changing and storage table for my 1st baby girl grandchild. My job was just cut from my special ed teaching job because our school district just received news of major funding cuts in our education budget. I have work for this district for 9 years. I support myself and now I am jobless with no hope of going back to work full time in my district I would have to travel 75 miles or more or move to get a position in education. I have access to pallets for free, so I can make the baby a great gift with $20.00 dollars or less! Thank you sincerely.

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