The first step in this pallet bed project was, as always, the most tedious: taking the pallet apart. I used my recipro saw to cut the planks loose and used a punch to take out all the nails.  Then I ran all the planks through my planer. Make sure all the nails are out when using a planer. Otherwise, your blades don’t last!

When all my planks were beautiful and smooth, I lay them out in the pattern that I wanted, using a cut-off saw to saw the shorter pieces to size. Once I was happy with the design, I used four planks and self-tapping screws to put all the planks together.  I made the box around the pallet wood from some long planks I had lying around and fastened it to the headboard with self-tapping screws.

A quick sand with my orbital sander was all it took to get a smooth finish; the planner does most of the hard work for me! Then I whitewashed the whole piece.

I designed the heart shaped lettering in Photoshop and had it cut out on vinyl for me. After I put that on the headboard, I made 6 picture frames from some trim I bought at our local hardware store. I used my mitre saw and wood glue to put them together.  Finally, I painted the picture frames to match the letters on the vinyl, and once the paint was dry, I glued them on with wood glue.

Pictures of the grandkids will go in each frame so at night grandma will go to sleep surrounded by her precious grandkids!


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