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65 Pallet Christmas Trees & Holiday Pallet Decorations Ideas

A different take on Pallet Christmas Trees! Just paint a Christmas tree on an old pallet, add some nails, and hang decorations on it. A perfect project for the kids (so you can assemble some of those presents you purchased them)! Only paint a tree shape of your design onto a pallet. Let it dry, and decorate at will!

Pallet Christmas Trees12

Beautiful Christmas tree made with more than 50 pieces of pallet planks. Love the shape and the decorations! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This is a great way to bring holiday cheer while using scraps from other projects! Drill the pieces and then stagger them to create a round, full, shape.

Pallet Christmas Trees13

Christmas decorations made out of reclaimed pallets. Maybe you're limited on space, but you don't have to limit your Holiday Cheer! Make some window-worthy decorations and share the joy!

Pallet Christmas Trees14

Very original Christmas tree with an unusual shape. Made with one pallet and a half and it took around 4 hours to make it. Unusual areas demand unusual and creative designs like this one. Some trees are tall, and some are shorter. This one is so cute and pinecone-shaped!

Pallet Christmas Trees15

Triangle shaped Christmas tree full of original decorations, of course, made from recycled pallets!

Pallet Christmas Trees16
While you're at it, add some shelves and really make it a multi-tasker!

Another lovely shaped Christmas tree from an upcycled pallet and decorated with Christmas balls & pine cones.

Pallet Christmas Trees17

Simple Pallet Christmas Trees can be made using rough pallet planks with edges just cut at 45°.

Pallet Christmas Trees18

If you're fed up with real Christmas trees, here's a sweet and simple Christmas tree to do with one single pallet, some white paint (or other colors) and decorations. It's a snowy tree! Just stain or paint the pallet a darker tone, and then put a white tree over it. Another kid-friendly design. If you're worried about chemicals, try PureColor's line of VOC-free, non-toxic stains.

Pallet Christmas Trees19

Stylish Christmas tree made from one pallet cut in two… simple & nice! Negative spaces for positive images! Imaginative! Yes, we see those folded magazine trees in the corner, too. :)

Pallet Christmas Trees20

Cozy Christmas house decoration made from old upcycled pallet wood. WOW - a 3-story birdhouse? Add some snowy paint touches, and it instantly makes you think of the holidays!

 Pallet Christmas Trees21

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