Pallet Bars

64 Awesome Wooden Pallet Bars For Your Inspiration!

With these 64 wooden pallet bars as inspiration, your dreams of having your bar at home or in your garden can quickly become a reality! Build your own bar and kick back with family and friends to enjoy a delicious beverage or cocktail. To keep costs down, build the bar from pallet wood – and prevent them from the landfills too! The pride you feel will make those beverages even tastier!

Some of our Crafters have fantastic talent and creativity, and they have graciously shared their designs. They’ve made some great bars – both indoor and outdoor, Tiki-style, casual backyard ones, U-Shaped, L-Shaped and more. Look at the selection of wooden bars we’ve compiled, and you’ll undoubtedly be inspired to make your own!

Wooden Pallet Bars are ideal projects for the pallet neophyte!

Here’s a bar that is perfect for indoors, but can be moved outside for that rowdy poolside party. Serve your favorite beverages, from espresso to beer across this bar, and your family will be amazed! Stainless steel hardware, locking casters, and a satin finish with a deep espresso-colored stain allows this bar to integrate into an elegant, refined home, or poolside to get that party started!

Keep it light with this open, airy pallet bar. It is an elegant way to add a bar to your outdoor living areas. This idea was made of cedar, but it was easily adapted to pallet wood!

Clean lines and refined design make this bar perfect for indoor or outdoor use!

Make a bar with a little bit of style: add a concrete top! This Instructables idea is brilliant, and makes a durable bar for outdoor fun!

The pallets are held together with bolts, and the concrete top adds a bit of class!

You don’t always have to leave the pallets in their bare form. Paint them and add some metal for an industrial look like this metal-topped pallet bar!

This pallet patio bar lets the partygoers know when you’re open for business.

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Check out this LED-lit pallet bar found in Equador!

This pallet bar works as a counter, too. Picture this bar in your man cave or she-shed!

Use a torch to give Wooden Pallet Bars a unique look!

Burn, baby, burn! Look at the colors created with a torch!

Add visual interest by alternating wood types or staining half of the boards!

With a high-gloss surface, two tones on the face of the bar, this project elevates pallets from ordinary to extraordinary!

Build a party-on-tap beer bar and be the host with the most!

How cool is this?

We’re sure that your next spring project will be to make yourself a summertime bar! If you need to determine the size of your bar, here are the standard dimensions of pallets in different countries, this may help you.

Wooden Pallet Bars like this little movable one made from recycled pallets & an old baby carriage.

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Because Ginette is a Belgian Organic Craft Beer! We decide to work with recycled materials like pallets for our beer events and so we’ve made this pallet bar ;)

By Baudewyns Cedric

This astounding pallet bar project is a complete outdoor bar with a 70 square meters terrace, entirely made from recycled pallets & wood.

Another outdoor mobile bar made from reclaimed pallets, with storage below for the stools.

Using seven discarded found shipping pallets, avid recycler and designer James Higginson build this gorgeous DIY outdoor pallet bar built on a tiny budget. Check out James’ tutorial on how you can make your own beautiful construction this summer. His step-by-step instructions can be found here, and though this project requires some building know-how, it’s also a DIY masterpiece that’s sure to wow your friends and family!

Named the « Cocktail bar,» this outdoor pallet bar was made for a Belgium festival by designers Esposito Sébastien & Henricy Gautier.

An ephemeral pallet bar made for the Deblozay show by Rara Woulib theater company in Rouen (France). Beautiful!

Two pallets bar that I made a while back with my friend one lazy afternoon. The top is the doors of an old wardrobe with some fencing stuff I bought from a hardware store.

By Luke Willis

Need an outdoor pallet bar for next summer? This one was made from old wooden pallets and old lariat rope.

By Tammy Torkelson

You can use any kitchen furniture and screw some pallets sticks on it to make it look like a crate. Two pieces of timber cut at 45° to hold the wooden panels that you fixed on the top, and voila!

To build this outdoor pallet bar in my backyard, I used eight different sized wood pallets. The floor, the shelves, and the sign are also all made from pallet wood. The base of the bar is made from recycled car rims. It’s a great area to enjoy a few drinks with my family and my friends.

Design and realization of furniture with recycled materials in Lastra a Signa (FI), on the occasion of the Antica Fiera di mezz’Agosto 2010.

The project consists of an extempore of restoration and enhancement of objects now unused. During the event comes to life comfortable and functional furnishing like below pallet bar, placing a market question about the life cycle of a product.

One of the most simple & cool pallet bar you can make at home! You’ll need only two wooden pallets, white paint & 3 pavers…that’s all :)

Want to build this easy pallet bar? Download our FREE PDF guide and build this pallet bar in 2 hours!

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3 Recycled pallets joined in a U shape to create my own pallet bar. Used recycled jarrah timber for the finish, with a cedar stain and varnish timber bar top.

Pallets, concrete and ground plates. Suddenly you have a bar! A bar, matching the pallets sofa…

If you like outdoor gatherings, why not create pallet bars like this one? An outdoor pallet bar realized around a tree, think about it for your next big party. Made without nails & screws; only the top plate was fixed with nails.

By Brunin Cyril

An outdoor pallet bar built from recycled pallets. The countertop is simply concrete stepping stones easily found at your nearby home improvement store.

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Build pallet bars like this fantastic Tiki bar made from two 48 x 40″ wooden pallets and one 12 x 2″ board for the countertop. Nice :)

Tiki bar on the Jersey Shore made from 8 discarded pallets and some lumber wood. Total cost for this bar: 180$.

Counter/Bar for a local Tea Shop entirely made from repurposed pallet wood.

This bar is made out of old discarded pallets and covered with palings & a red gum top and shelf.

This gorgeous bar features an outdoor L-shaped bar & its high chair, made from different kinds of reclaimed pallet wood. Bars like this can be ideal for indoor applications.

The hardest part was finding pallets the same size and shape. My best source for pallets is a flooring store. A lot of their hardwood flooring comes from Asia and South America. It appears that they make their pallets from whatever wood is around, in this case, sub-quality hardwood. I think the front pallet is Ipe, a very hardwood. I tried to sand and finish it, but it was too hard, and I gave up. I like the rustic look anyway! The bar top is plywood with stain and varnish. The rim is pipe insulation with vinyl stapled on. The whole thing is light enough to drag back into the garage when not being used but is held together with only three deck screws if it has to be transported.

The chair is mostly two intact pallets cut down on one side and fastened together. It turned out far more massive than I expected. The easiest way to move it is with a hand truck! I am going to replace the seat and back with wider ones and make it a two-person chair.

Beautiful indoor bar made from 3 big recycled pallets.

I made this bar from cedar wood but made the top from reclaimed wood. After I had sanded the top smooth, I painted some of the boards and then used a two-part clear coat to finish the top. It came out great! I disassembled the original pallets with a Sawzall, so I could keep the nail heads in the wood. It is a great conversation piece.

Another Tiki bar, perfect for your backyard. This one was made from 3 discarded pallets for the base, and a pergola top added (but not from pallets).

I got asked to make a friend a bar out of recycled pallets for next to his BBQ setup. This is the result, hope you like it.

This whitewashed project consists of an outdoor bar and its two chairs, all made from recycled pallets & field wood.

Modular bar and all the furniture (chairs, coffee tables) are made from recycled pallets by “Le Collectif Nomade.”

Garden Tiki bar made from 3 recycled pallets, 1-inch plywood for the countertop and colored deck stain.

Backyard Tiki bar made from 2 repurposed pallets, perfect for the BBQ :)

My latest project made of recycled pallets is a bar. Two pallets are screwed together, and the top plate is also made from pallets. Painted with Black oil stain. Benches also made from Pallets.

We used two stained pallets to make this bar. One whole pallet was used as the front and then we split a pallet in half for the sides.

WOW – Massive events bar entirely made from recycled pallets and with a surface of 25 square meters!

This bar was used as an outdoor kitchen and all made from pallets, an outstanding job on this one with a near-perfect finish! (source)

If you love the pink color, you’ll love this outdoor pallet bar. This pallet bar that could be used as a little BBQ table was made from two recycled wooden pallets by Olivier Bouvet; he added wheels to the bar to be able to move it quickly. Then he painted the bar with beautiful pink color to add some colors to your terrace :) Well done!

This bar is made of varied types of wood oak and pine for the most part from pallets of all sorts as we are very new at this.

This fully loaded pallet bar has a full-size shelf and a top serving shelf. It is equipped with two wine racks that can hold up to 13 wine bottles and it also has a wine glass holder that holds up to 9 wine glasses.

This pallet bar is made from 5 reclaimed wood pallets that were cut for the trims and the sheets. Plywood was used for frame support and bar top. Four casters were added for mobile use, these casters have locking brakes. Finally, the wood was pre-sanded for a friendly touch.

There’s nothing like enjoying a cold beer as you admire the reclaimed pallet bar that you built yourself, and it didn’t cost a cent! Plus you can have a great place to display those homebrew trophies!

I built this bar in about six hours. I constructed it entirely from various reclaimed timber that I found around my neighborhood. I sanded the counter and shelf tops smooth for ease of maintenance. I decided to leave the vertical slats in their more rustic state. I think this looks great, and really adds to our outdoor decor, and to the occasional party too.

By Donno4280

Small bar from discarded pallets. It could be for indoor or outdoor use.

By Cédric

This bar and deck took 19 pallets; it makes a 12×13 deck. 3 of the pallets are in the build of the bar. The top of the bar is made with 1×4 smooth pine, then covered with polyurethane. LED lights were added and then other things here and there. This project took me, alone, 20 hrs. Only working for 4 hrs. A day, five days. The T.V. was added, along with a dorm size fridge.

I made this outdoor kitchen and bar from repurposed engine pallets. The pallets were used to ship boat engines and were discarded after.

By Rick Hay

I made this multi-functional rustic mobile pallet island using approximately two pallets that I sanded and stenciled. This project is a flexible design idea adaptable to indoors or outdoors. First I disassembled two pallets. I assembled the basic cart and sanded the wood. Then installed locking casters and a handle made using 1/2″ galvanized pipe. I stenciled designs using milk paint and sealed with polyurethane.

This functional design can be an island, party bar, work cart, or garden potting bench. Whatever you need it to be, it can become! By Tonya Alsen

I used 2 pallets to build this little pallet bar. The dimensions of this bar are 49 inches high by 40.5 inches wide and 15.5 inches deep. I applied a stain and sealant/moisture protector to protect it. The top of the bar was made with the chevron technique.

An original and elegant pallet bar with some blue decorations.

by Renaud Natacha

They had nowhere to keep alcohols :)

One of a kind bar all made from recycled pallets. A nice work by Giles Reginald.

William Mcgettigan uses old wood pallets and old apple crates to convert his garage into a bar.

Lazy bar Blagaj Ada where the whole garden bar is made from repurposed pallets.

Outdoor pallet bar & bar stools made mostly from reused pallets.

Bar built out of discarded pallets and crate tops from our printing equipment.

This bar was made for a back deck. It took one weekend to complete.

A summer pallet bar made entirely of reused pallets by Fermetti for Frieda & the Henri’s Mechelen Belgium.

A design bar table made out of repurposed wooden pallets.

Two bar tables made from one pallet, on castors for mobility, and with drawers on each end.

That’s all folks! You now have seen some of our best wooden pallet bars to inspire you for your next pallet project!

If you need more inspiration, feel free to browse our categories dedicated to pallet bars, we have hundreds of ideas & projects for you!

Have you already made a cool bar from pallets? Please share it with us, and we will publish it! If you need more ideas, visit our category dedicated to bars!

And before starting your next pallet project, do not forget to visit our resource pages that could help you:

Enjoy & Happy Palleting!


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