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I am new to the world of pallet creations, but I have seen some brilliant creations first hand. I live in the north woods of the "Frozen Tundra" aka Wisconsin. Therefore I won't be building much anymore this year as it is getting cold!!! I am a hermit in the winter. I am going to attempt some inside projects when I am not working or going here & there for my kiddos. I am one of those people who does all sorts of crafting. It is my way of relaxing. I never said it looks good when it's done but I still enjoy doing it. I enjoy painting, sewing, making jewelry, wood crafts, paper crafting, using a hot glue gun...pretty much any way I can get my hands dirty and TRY to make something myself. I guess you could say I am the classic DIY'er. I still remember the first time my grandfather put a hammer in my hands; I was maybe four or five. The hammer was so heavy but I was elated to be doing whatever my Grandpa was doing. About a week later my Uncle made me my own tool box and I got my own set of tools. My grandpa gave me an old Lampert Yards nail apron that I wore with glee. My hammer hung at my side and I gladly pulled the nails out of any old piece of wood I could get my hands on, just to be able to pound them back in and "build something of my own." While my grandpa is not with us anymore, his memory lives on in both of my kids who have their own sets of tools and are always looking for ways to use them and "help" out on a project. I am a great procrastinator. I will be the first to admit that I start a project and take forever to finish it!

"Jack of all trades, master of none"
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