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Stylish Pallet Trash/Recycling Bin Shed – Cache Poubelle

By Neokentin

Mare de voir les poubelles ci moche donc je leurs ai fait un abris pour plus les voir

Make Your Own Pallet Compost Bins

By HeatherStiletto

We all get that spring fever and rush out to start our gardens. Great! Enjoy the weather and the fun of growing your own food. However, we miss out on […]


Beautifying Pallet Trash Bin Cabinet / Armoire Cache Poubelles

By IDPalettes

We made this smart Pallet Trash Bin Cabinet as a custom order for a client. We used recycled pallets in this build. This clever and innovative design conceals and beautifies […]


How to Combine Upcycled with Brand Furniture

By Neokentin

Everyone needs furniture in their home, but with most people having concerns about the environment, there is a desire to reuse materials to create brand new pieces of furniture or […]


Parts Bin Stacked Drawers

By HeatherStiletto

My husband is excellent when it comes to recycling EVERYTHING, including a gigantic assortment of various bits and pieces of hardware. I’ve taken the task on of organizing the coffee […]

36 Ingenious Ideas In Using Pallets To Decorate Your Home

By Neokentin

The developments to improving the beauty of your home are exciting as it also comes with a few challenges along the way. The main goal is to express your taste […]

Firewood for Sale: How to Find & Choose It?

By Neokentin

Although the main subject of this website is “what can be done with wooden pallets?“, we receive many questions about where to find firewood for sale near me? First, it […]

What is a Pallet? Everything You Need to Know about It!

By Neokentin

A Pallet is a horizontal platform, typically affixed to a superstructure and a bottom deck which that allows commercial goods to be shipped in a stable fashion by giving them […]

Woodworking Projects Using Reclaimed Wood: Worth the Effort!

By Neokentin

Using Reclaimed Wood for woodworking projects has been done for centuries–often as a matter of necessity. Currently, reclaimed wood is undergoing something of a resurgence. Current DIY shows have made […]

Where To Find Free Wood? 13 Ideas to Try!

By HeatherStiletto

You have an idea, and you have wood pallets. However, your project needs other free wood. Where can you find free sources of upcycled wood? We’ve got 13 ideas that you […]

Top 15 Tools For Your Pallet Projects You Can Buy at Amazon!

By HeatherStiletto

Saving money and recycling is fashionable again, and that includes DIY pallet crafting. However, woodworking with the wrong tools adds time and frustration to your projects. That’s why we’ve got […]

Add Style Quickly: More Than 50 Beautiful Pallet Wall Ideas!

By HeatherStiletto

Many of us have homes we love, but we’re feeling a bit uninspired with ways to make our homes stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you have a unique feature […]

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