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Pallet Kitchen Island

By shrkfud

Kitchen island made out of multiple pallets sanded and stained, inlaid with tile in between pallet top surface and pipe fittings added for stability. Church pew railings post added to corners.

Pallet Kitchen Island with Cooktop

By lelievre

I’ve built this kitchen island out of four recycled pallets. I’ve added a cooktop and there still a lot of free space for: a small oven kitchenware spices a drawer […]

Pallet Kitchen Island

By justcallmecynthia

Saw this project on Anna White website. I altered the plans to fit into what I wanted. From there the fun started.

Metal-topped Rolling Pallet Kitchen Island

By Nanacali

This was made for a small kitchen, but was also movable and had seating for 2-4 people.

Magnificent Two-tier Pallet Kitchen Island

By prussell306

I wanted to build an island that was similar in style to the one at my parent’s house even if it isn’t a popular style these days. One with 2 levels, the first counter height and one about 8 inches higher. I picked through so many pallets looking for the best boards so I can’t say how many it finally took.

îlot Central Cuisine / Pallet Kitchen Island

By Neokentin

Center kitchen island for cooking, easy to build, with 3 wooden pallets and a low-cost work plan, for a beautiful result! Îlot central pour la cuisine, facile à réaliser, avec 3 […]

Handmade Kitchen Island

By manuelalain

I built this kitchen island to save money, but I did not count my time (3 weeks of hard work and you have to be experienced). I first selected the best […]

Kitchen Island Out Of Driftwood & Pallet Planks

By Neokentin

This one took about 5 or 6 days to complete.The hardest part was letting the top boards dry. They are driftwood I found near the water. All the wood for […]

Tkt: The Kitchen Project (Kitchen Island & Table)

By Un(t)raveling

After moving to a new (tiny) home, we needed furniture and didn’t want to buy stuff. Making it yourself is also a lot more fun! We designed this multi-purpose kitchen island: something to store, prepare, cook or have a glass of wine on. We wanted a thick and sturdy table-top, so we tried a laminated one. Here’s what we came up with.


Pallet Mobile Kitchen Island

By Neokentin

Beautiful kitchen island completely equipped for cooking :) More, it’s a complete mobile kitchen on wheels, with it, you can cook nearly everywhere! Entirely made from repurposed pallets by Palettes […]


Pallet Kitchen Island

By Neokentin

My friend made this kitchen island today from two repurposed wooden pallets… Just had to share.


Pallet Kitchen Island / Sideboard

By Darrell0909

This is a kitchen island / sideboard I put together from recycled pallet materials.

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