I was lucky to collect pallets for my bar project. I emailed a local company to me as I noticed they had a huge pile of pallets and asked if I could have some, and luckily they said yes.

I probably collected about 140 wood pallets over the course of a couple of months. I decided to go big as we have plenty of room in our garden. I made the base 7 meters long by 3 meters wide to use the whole pallets to fit the edge as they are a meter wide.

I cut small pieces of wood to screw each pallet together for stability and used long screws to go through the pallets’ wooden blocks. Once the sides were complete, we used 4×2 pieces of wood for the roof beams, then used OSB board for the roofing plus four felt rolls. That and the concrete base were the most expensive part. The windows were from a house that was being refurbished and was free. The doors were cheap from eBay.

We used the pallet slats to clad the outside over a waterproof membrane. I bought a cheap reciprocating saw to take the pallets apart, which was a bit time-consuming but worth it. I also clad the inside with the slats and used some plasterboard to break it up slightly as I didn’t want it to look like a sauna.

I made the bar inside from reclaimed glass bricks and pallet wood. The floor is also free wood which is another type of stackable pallet again from a local company. The floor and bar are varnished with a floor varnish called No-Nonsense, and it is fantastic varnish and looks brilliant considering it was only £10 a tin!

We loved building this. There are bits I would do differently if I did it again, but having said that, the result is awesome, and those that have popped around for a beer have loved it too!


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  • wow you are amazing. let me ask are you close to long island i am in an emergency situation and i have 2 acres of property and the will power and desire to do this but honestly i was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and need help. see many years ao i met a friend he is this older strange but kind man who in my darkest hour was th only soul who cared if i was alive or dead. well he now is being evicted from his home the only home he has known his entire life and well he has a collecting nd hording issue as well. he has no money for storage and well he doesn't even know were he will live . i told him you can stay on my couch but he is so worried about his things. how long will this project take me any chance you wanna help email me and ill send you my number if u are interested thank you sooo much angi

  • My name is Regina Lundholm and I would like to know how many pallets I would need to build a 400 square foot kitchenette. I'm wanting to put it as an addition on my home.
    Thank you,
    Regina Lundholm

  • Hello, this is beautiful!! have a question, in the first picture it looks like the palette's are on top of the cement floor and in the second it looks like they are on the outer side of the cement slab (if that makes sense). So did you put them on the top plane of the slab or on the sides of it? Thank you so very much for your time!

    • Interesting observation. Yes, it does look different, as you described, in the 2 photos. Took me a few minutes of comparing the 2 pix to see what's going on.

      If you look closely at the 2nd picture, you will see that the interior floor base has been added, so it creates a kind of optical illusion effect as if the framework has been moved forward and is now sitting on the ground, and not on the concrete slab.

      And it looks like some reinforcing wood has been added externally at the framing base.

      At least "that's what I'm seeing"! 🤓

  • OMG!! I totally love this. I had been talking to my son about doing some things inside a granny shack we are going to build in the back yard. but seeing this I'm going this route instead of getting a pre-fab one. Can you say roughly what this building cost to do?

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