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Here at 1001Pallets our readers are always asking, “Where to get free wooden pallets from?” (or at least for only a nominal cost) to make your pallet DIY projects. There is no simple answer because it depends what the system is for recycling old wood pallets in your country, but see below for some good places to look or try our “Free Pallet Spots” on google maps or check the “Pallet Addresses” to see if anyone is giving away pallets near you.


  1. Feed & Pet Supply Stores: Feed and PET supply store usually got their products in (grains, pet food…) on wood pallets and usually trash them out after reception. Check with your local store to see if you can pick some of them. In certain country, store should pay for trashing pallets so they will be happy if someone (You) do the job for them and for free !
  2. Hardware, Furniture and equipment stores: Pallets can be lined up against racks and on roads but they are not always free of cost. You can ask the stores and persons of hardware, garden stores, lawnmower, power equipment and also nursery shops who take the responsibility of moving pallets from one place to another (be courteous and friendly with them). The best times for contacting any location are early morning or later in day time (delivery are done in the morning in general). They provide neat and clean pallets as they keep their inventory in them.
  3. Newspaper companies: Newspaper companies receive their shipments on pallets and often have lots of pallets to trash. If you have the chance to be near a newspaper company, give them a call.
  4. Construction site: You can also find good quality pallets from builders of houses and construction projects. It requires you to build a friendly relation with them to get the information and method of getting those pallets. You can get wood pallets which can be converted to desks, table or chairs.
  5. Small business dumpster: The small businesses are the best place to look for pallets as they sell their waste materials to earn some money. They lack the resources to recycle the pallets and get them compiled in dumpsters. They can provide you slow and steady supply of pallets at quite low cost. The large businesses on the other hand have adopted various procedures to use their waste. You can go to any small business factory or outlet and get your required pallet type and quantity easily.
  6. New openings: The stores carry all their shopping items on pallets from one city to another. If you listen about opening of new shopping mall or store in your city, go to them and ask for purchasing pallets at your desired rates. They are busy in other tasks at this time and want to deliver their scrap as soon as possible instead of piling it. Also, many stores can give it to you without taking any charges.
  7. Check Craiglist: We see pallets listed in the free section of Craiglist all the time. Thay might get picked up very fast, so you should check it regularly and jump on a new listing right away.
  8. Internet search: The last but not the least significant place where you can get the pallets is internet. You can search face book and other social media along with search engines to find your desired pallets quantity and quality at quite cheap rates or often free of any charges.

In general, a lot of business that receives shipments on pallets probably wont have any pallets recycling process and discards the unused pallets. Company who has a high volume of pallets to discards may use a pallet recycling company which are becoming used more and more. You may have better luck with small business that occasionally receives shipment on pallets but with not enough volume to use a recycling company to discard them.
You may also see pallets laying around on constructions sites. You need to know that often construction companies are paid a rebate for returning pallets. So, if you see some unused pallets laying around a construction site, it doesn’t mean they are free for tacking. Make sure to ask every time before taking the pallets.


Remember these tips:

  1. Think small: It will be easier to deal some free wooden pallets with a small business. Large business have already processes to handle their unused pallets. The small business usually don’t have the resources or volume to unload scrap and spare pallets – so more often than not, it ends up in their dumpster.
  2. Learn the Art of Asking: Always, always ask in a friendly manner ! For a business – first thing in the morning or late in the day are some of the best times to stop in and ask.  Why?  Those times tend to be the slower periods  – and they are much more likely to take the time to talk to you.    And when you ask – be sure to share your plans for it with them (People love to help other if they are motivated by their projects).  Trust me – when people find out your building a coffee table, a garden bench, a chicken coop or a playhouse for your kids – they are much more likely to be cooperative and help you.
  3. Develop A Relationship: If you do find a business or a builder that has available items – work on developing a relationship with them to get materials as they become available.  Exchange email addresses and stay in contact and if they had gives you some pallets for your project, do not hesitate to send them back an email with the photo of the finished project you have made from their “junk”! Also, this work great for everything, not only for pallets!
  4. Use the power of Internet: As already say Craiglist is good starting point but you can also try Facebook community pages like our Facebook page “1001 Pallets“.

And to finish, we have a little gift for you :) (yeah yeah we are like this!). In order to help the community we have created a google map for pallets spots! You have found a place where pallets are free ? Share it with the pallet crafters around you through this collaborative google map !
Simply click on “Free Pallets Spots” below the map and then, edit the map to add a place where other people can find some pallets (for free it’s better) !
Thank you for the pallets lovers community !

And remember to read our “How to tell if a pallet is safe for reuse” before going in your quest for free wood pallets!

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Another tip to share with our readers ? Do not hesitate to leave a comment to tell us where people can find some free wood pallets. Do not forgot to indicate your country.

Pallet Addresses

Need some pallets, here is a list of addresses sent by our readers where you can find pallets!

We have 60×60 inch 260 pc solid wood pallet need to sell, mild damaged. If you are interested:

Anyone wishing to pick up spare pallets, we have 40 in total. If you are interested:
(078) 286-3345
Ask Steve Isley

A lot of free pallets in industrial area name “Conneuil” in the city of “Montlouis-sur-Loire” in France. Pour les personnes dans la région de “Montlouis-sur-Loire”, des palettes sont disponibles dans la zone industrielle “Conneuil”.

Are you a company who have some pallets to give to our readers ? Contact us and we will add your message to this list.

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