1001pallets.com is your source of inspiration when renovating your home with DIY Pallet Projects. Skip the stores and save lots of money by building it yourself using free, recycled pallets. It’s good for your wallet, and good for the environment.

DIY Pallet Projects – Pallet Resources are available too!

Is that pallet safe to use? Come to our site and read about it on our Pallet Safety page. What tools do you need? Read about the Top Ten Tools for Woodworking. We have tutorials, over 4,000 project ideas, and more! Join our chat room for fun and information-sharing. See our Essentials page for many handy pallet resources such as pallet history, wood types, glue types, and the most common joinery types. Ask for advice from thousands of members, and help others with your pallet-crafting knowledge as well.

If you want to find pallets or give them away, we’ve got resources for that, too! You can learn about types of stains, sealants, paint, and techniques to create, maintain, preserve, and restore pallet or other wood furniture.

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