Bed Made Out Of Repurposed Wooden Pallets

Got 10 pallets for free and wondered what to do with them. I’ve already done a balcony lounge. So, we measured and discovered that they matched our mattress perfect. So we discussed whether we should sand them and then paint them or just clean them and paint them. We just painted them and puzzled them together. The result was even better than we imagined.


Idea sent by Magnus Hultin !

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About Author Neokentin

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  1. Virginie Jacquet - June 16, 2014

    joli, d’habitude j’aime pas le noir et blanc mais la j’aime avec les touches de violet!!!

  2. DieZahnfee Anettos - June 16, 2014

    das musssss ich haben!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anita Ostré Schaller - June 17, 2014

    joli mais est ce vraiment solide???? je serai pas rasurer

  4. Žaklina Dumešić Habek - June 23, 2014

    svaka čast paletama ali krevet je krevet i ja ga ne bi nikada zamijenila

  5. Cecilia Paiva - June 25, 2014

    Patricia Soares, esse tb está muito legal

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