Recycled Pallet Rabbit Hutch

This Rabbit Hutch has a hinged roof so it can be lifted and both bedroom dividers can be removed for easy cleaning. It also has a ‘tongue and groove‘ flooring that can easily be lifted and removed for easy cleaning too.


Idea sent by Kev Barefoot !

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About Neokentin

Co-founder of 1001Pallets & Pallets lover! :)


    • lynnette newman says

      No they have been in the hutch almost a year and haven’t put a hole in it like I said if they dig a hole its purely due to boredom! Which means your not letting them out.

  1. lynnette newman says

    This is my hutch I have two rabbits in it they have plenty of space it doesn’t need to be any bigger. If you need a bigger hutch then your obviously NOT letting your rabbits out for a run round.

  2. Christie says

    Hi Lorrette – Thanks for posting. Really cute hutch and a great idea! :-) Think I’ll make a very similar version for my rabbit. How many pallets did you use? – Think I will combine with some plywood.

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